Gift idea: Show your Phandroid pride with the PhanBot speaker [CONTEST]


PhanBot blue 1

We’re back on the final day of Phandroid’s Gift-a-Day Giveaway with your last chance at winning some awesome prizes. Today, we’re taking a look at the GOgroove Phanbot, a simple stereo desktop speaker that just so happens to be the shape and color of our beloved Phandroid logo.

At $25, the PhanBot is a great little speaker for the money. About the size of a pineapple, the PhanBot packs some nice punch featuring two 2W speakers and a passive subwoofer located underneath (4W RMS with 8W peak power). Keep in mind the PhanBot is not Bluetooth enabled, but instead hooks up to your phone using the built-in 3.5mm headphone jack.

PhanBot back

There’s also a battery inside for easier portability and glowing LED eyes that indicate the status of the battery. GOgroove even offers a free 3-year warranty with the PhanBot, for worry free buying. If the blue doesn’t quite suit you, there’s also the original Pal Bot in classic Android green for the same price. Both are linked below.

Buy: PhanBot (blue) $25 | Pal Bot (green) $25


And now… today is your last day to enter our massive giveaway for a chance at winning a handful of Nexus devices and smartwatches. Be sure to enter every single day (you can go back) to improve your chances of winning. Entries for this day will remain open until 11:59 PM (Eastern) tonight! Good luck!

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  1. Damn I need dis

  2. I like it

  3. I’ve got one of these for my desktop PC.
    More than sufficient would be an understatement,especially at this price.
    Now,if I could find one to match my avatar………..

      1. I suppose I could get the color right (covering green w/red),but,the face is beyond my artistic abilities………

  4. It’s cute ! But why is it fat ?

    1. It’s not fat,it’s big-boned & vertically-challenged………….. ;)

      1. First time I’ve heard the term “big boned” is from SouthPark, and I was sure it’s just something they made up as a joke. Only lated I’ve found out people really use this term.

        1. SouthPark is a twisted,but,somewhat accurate mirror of the GP.

          That saying/excuse has been around for a long time.

          Drop by a GOLDEN CORRAL & you’ll see what I mean & might even see yours truly making a beeline for the sundae bar….. :D

          1. Why? what’s special about this place?
            Also, I don’t live in the USA. I live very far. I’m from Israel…

            EDIT: ok, searching on Google images shows a lot of fat foods… I think I know what you mean.

      2. HAHAHAHAH thats awesome.
        how do you put round speakers in a tall slim android?

  5. I can finally delete my note with my G+ and YouTube profile page. They really need actual addresses and not a series of codes.

    Wish this were BT, they look pretty awesome and would show off my Android fanboyism in true spirit.

  6. I’ve purchased 2 of these little guys and I have been extremely pleased with them. They are LOUD–can easily fill a room with sound. My only qualm is that the antennae are extremely fragile, but nothing some super glue can’t fix

    1. +1 on the antennae, missing one on mine.
      Otherwise, as you mentioned, the speakers are LOUD.

    2. Ordered mine today. Excited to hear they fill a room. Gotta show that phandroid pride got the blue.

  7. It does look really nice and I know the price would be higher but nowadays I just like the convenience of Bluetooth too much to go for something like this.

  8. This would make a great addition to my Android family on my desk at work… sadly I wouldn’t be able to actually use it there.

  9. It’s blue and doesn’t even have Bluetooth.

    1. You were expecting a nice Bluetooth speaker for 25?

      1. No, I was expecting a Phandroid blue speaker to have Bluetooth. If I get that and show it off, people will go, “Oh! Can I connect my Bluetooth?!” and look at me like I’m daft for having a blue Phandroid speaker without Bluetooth.

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