Android 5.0 for Android Wear rolling out and yes, you’ll need it to enjoy the new watchfaces



After the official Google blog announced the availability of new Android Wear watchfaces in the Google Play Store, there was still a little confusion on exactly what users needed to take advantage of them. It’s not as simple as downloading the new watchfaces already available on Google Play (and receiving a barrage of 1-star reviews because nobody can actually use them).

As we suspected, your Android Wear device (LG G Watch, Moto 360, ASUS ZenWatch) will need to be updated to Android 5.0 — rolling out over the next few days — before you can enjoy the new watchfaces on Google Play. But that’s only half of it. You’ll also need the new updated Android Wear companion app, not yet available on Google Play. Here’s the blip from the Android Developer’s post:

“Over the next week, the latest release of Android Wear, based on Android 5.0 and implementing API 21, will roll out to users. All Android Wear devices will be updated to Android 5.0 via an over-the air (OTA) update. The update allows users to manage and configure watch faces in the Android Wear app on their phone, and install watch faces from Google Play. Any handheld device running Android 4.3 or later will continue to work with all Android Wear devices.”

Seems Google may have jumped the gun a bit when it came to the announcement post, but we’re assuming updates to both Android Wear devices and the application will be available very shortly. Hold off on those 1-start reviews for now.

[Android Developers]

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Officially supported Android Wear watch faces are now live in the Play Store

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  1. NFC support yet?

    1. Do they even have NFC hardware?

      1. They don’t. No. But maybe in the future?

      2. Sony Smartwatch 3 does.

      3. Sony Smartwatch 3 has NFC, WiFi, and GPS. All of which are largely neglected.

  2. And the Gear Live

  3. Do we really need 5 different articles about watch faces? Couldn’t you have consolidated these into one or two articles?

    Maybe it’s time for Phandroid to create a spinoff site for Android Wear, or at least give those of us who aren’t interested in smart watches to filter out the Wear articles.

    1. It’s really the only relevant Android news that’s going on at the moment…if you aren’t onboard calmly step out of the way so the rest of us can enjoy our Android Wear updates…

      1. There were plenty of other articles today, then 5 Wear articles, mostly about watch faces. Did it really need to be 5 separate articles about the same exact thing?

    2. Considering Wear is an Android product, why on earth would they create separate site?? This site is for all things Android, not all things Android that mcl630 deems relevant.

      1. It’s not just me, a lot of people here have no interest in smart watches. It’s still Android, but a totally differently product line and purpose, they could certainly have a phone/tablet site and a watch site.

    3. Wait you mean like the endless Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, etc. articles I’m not interested in?

      Phandroid make me my own personal website!

      There’s an app for that I’m sure, just set up a couple filters and you’ll be set.

      1. They don’t need to make you a personal website, they just need to let you filter on a few keywords. The Phandroid website has no filters or categories at all. The Phandroid app has categories you can select, but there’s no way to select multiple.

        1. I had the same issue with one of the Phandroid sister sites under the same company. They somewhat adjusted things. Try out gReader and see if they have any filtering, mobile only tho.

  4. I already got the Android Wear app update. It´s version

  5. I just got the update on Moto 360, now says 5.0.1. I haven’t tinkered with it enough but how do you undo removed cards? Supposed to be a new feature.

    1. After swiping a card away, swipe up, and you’ll see a screen which shows the word “Dismissing”, and and undo button with a bar circling it. Press the undo button to undo the swipe.

  6. Anyone have an APK available for download yet?

  7. Do we really have to go through this on Wear as well? FFS. At least we know what internal storage is for, ALL THE FACES.

    1. Forgot the pic.

      1. I see you have a flat tyre, I feel for ya ;)

        1. I do and it’s great. If you have Wear I assume you have to manually adjust brightness. I feel for ya too.

          1. Yes I have the only round android wear watch available and I never touched the brightness, but I feel my cheeky comment has turned into a bit of a trolling ;)

          2. I’m OCD about brightness because I want it to adjust automatically for me whenever I change environments. The only thing I don’t like to be changing is my Kindle for reading, can’t even compare that phenomenal screen to anything.

          3. well my OCD stopped me getting the 360 :) I had to wait for the LG R but worth it in my eyes :)

          4. I tried to hold out for the R but the metal bands out of the box with the 360 called to me. Next generation tho I’ll be looking at LG as the R looks phenomenal.

  8. can this update be forced?

  9. I forced the update on my g watch last night. Needs to be rooted though. There’s a how to over at xda

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