Dec 2nd, 2014

nexus 6 replacement

Broke your Nexus 6 and didn’t get any extended warranty? Google might still be able to help you out. One lucky (well, unlucky depending on how you look at it) soul on Reddit was able to get his shattered Nexus 6 replaced by Google with a freshly minted twin.

A free replacement for a physically damaged smartphone isn’t something Google entitles you to in their standard warranty, though starting with the Nexus 5 the company made it known that they’ll do what they can to get you situated with up to one replacement should you suffer an unfortunate fate. You could see it as another of many “Good guy, Google” moments that make so many of us fans of theirs in the first place.

Of course, this isn’t likely to sit well with everyone — how does a guy get a broken Nexus 6 replaced within a day when many folks still can’t even get their original shipment? The answer is likely that the replacement Nexus 6 units are refurbished, whether that’s from a smartphone that was previously broken or simply returned by an unsatisfied customer. Google can’t sell those units as new, so they store them in the warehouse for this very purpose or — once sales of new handsets slow down — sell them at a discounted rate through periodic deals.

It’s also possible Google could have replacement stock (as opposed to retail stock) available for situations like these, though we’re sure the refurbished track is the much more likely scenario. But the story here is that Google has your back if your Nexus 6 is cracked (see what I did there?) so keep that in mind should your device find itself face first on an unforgiving slab of concrete. We’ll be reaching out to Google to see if this is a policy they formally and publicly acknowledge, though considering the Nexus 5’s policy was “unofficial” we don’t expect things to have changed.

[via Reddit]

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