How to change the band on your Moto 360 smartwatch [Video]



Besides being able to change your watch face on your Android Wear smartwatch to suit your needs, you can also change the watch band or strap on many of Android Wear models. Take the Moto 360 for example. Motorola recently released both steel and leather bands for your purchasing pleasure. The steel bands will run you $79.99 and the leather bands will run you a cool $29.99.

While many watch enthusiasts change their bands quite often, Motorola is recommending that you head into your local jewelry store and have a professional handle it for you. If you’re of the do-it-yourself bread, I’m here to tell you it’s quite easy and all you need is a simple tool to get started.

Be careful and good luck!

Derek Ross
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  1. Could you put the gray leather band on the black 360 because i am debating on buying the gray band and need to know how it looks or could someone post a picture.

    1. Sure ;) buy me the gray leather band! Let me ask some other 360 owners, maybe they plan on doing that.

  2. I have a Silver Metal 360(with metal band) coming in the mail from Best Buy tomorrow. I also went on Amazon and got a couple tools in case I need to remove some links in the metal band. Thanks for posting this video. I’m homing that removing links in the metal band are as easy as just switching out the band :)

    1. So jealous. No shipment of my Best Buy order yet.

      1. When did you order it?

        Mine was on the truck and out for delivery today, even though it was scheduled for the 3rd originally. Waited all day and it never showed up. Now the tracking has changed the delivery date back to the 3rd so hopefully it will be here tomorrow(or today, since it’s late)

        1. I ordered Monday night, and my order status sits at: “Order in process of being fulfilled.Get it by: Tue, Dec 16.” There was no option for store pickup and Monday was the earliest I saw it available online. When did you order? Ad did you get regular or express shipping?

          1. Ah, I ordered mine on the 29th so maybe I got in before the rush or something? I’m only assuming because I didn’t pay for faster shipping or anything.

          2. Wow. So they had it up then? I’ve checked their site every day since Thanksgiving, and it always said “Coming Soon,” for me until Monday.

          3. I’m not sure exactly when it was posted. I’m pretty sure the special with $50 of Google Play credit with the purchase was up on Black Friday though. I was worried that the special would be over before I purchased it. Thankfully I made it in time

          4. Wait wait wait…what? They gave you $50 Google Play credit for buying the metal band from Best Buy?

          5. Not just the metal band, the Moto 360 with the metal band(299 total)

          6. Ahhh! So THAT’S it. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you got the entire watch. That’s why mine is taking so long to ship. The silver watch has been available on Best Buy longer than the stand alone band. I already have a 360, and ordered just the band, which popped up Monday night.

          7. Confusion averted :) hopefully your band will get shipped soon. I was very happy with the size of the band and the feel. I went up to Best Buy to try and see how it would look and feel on the wrist but they only had the leather band. It was nice to see how the device itself looked on the wrist but I was risking the purchase and thinking that I might have to get a leather band in the future if it didn’t look or feel right. I couldn’t be more happier with how it worked out

          8. Nice! I’m so excited to get mine. I will get the Cognac leather also at a later date. The band that came with mine is really not holding up well, and that’s because it’s suede. That’s precisely why I never buy suede things.

          9. This is why I wasn’t a fan of getting one in leather. It looks nice at first but I hear after a week or two the creases and standard ‘wear and tear’ starts to show up and it is very visible.

            The soft leather might be comfortable but so is a metal band. How has the back of your 360 held up? Any cracks yet? I’m very paranoid about that

          10. My back is perfect. No cracks whatsoever. From what I understand, the people who have been complaining about cracked backs have mostly experienced that from replacing the official band with unofficial bands like the Pebble Steel band. Moto always said from the beginning that they recommend their own metal band as it is specially designed for the Moto 360. As for the leather, it holds up fine, just not the sueded version. The black leather has held up far better than my suede version has in the same amount of time.

          11. Thanks for the tip. If I feel the need to switch to a leather band in the future I will definitely pick up the black leather one

          12. No problem. The cognac seems to be the same material as the black one too.

          13. Did you have to remove any links to the band? Or did it fit perfectly out of the box?

          14. I haven’t had to remove any links. It just fit my naturally. Although, I typically like my watches to be a little looser and this, while it isn’t squeezing my wrist, it does feel a little loose for my taste.

            Since the heart rate sensor needs to be up against the skin to detect anything, I’m going to try it this way for a week or two and see if I get used to it. If not, then I’ll add one link to it

          15. Finally shipped Saturday night! Tracking not updated yet, bt at least I know it will be arriving some time soon.

          16. Congrats! I actually just got done adding a link to my band about 2 hours ago. I just wanted it to be a little looser than what it was. It’s much more comfortable now that my wrist can breath

            Did you pay for overnight shipping or anything? If not, hopefully it will be there before Wednesday or Thursday by the latest

            Be sure to let me know what you think about it once it arrives

          17. Thanks. No I did standard shipping. But I still have to order the tools from Amazon! Going to do that now. How easy was it for you to size your band?

          18. The whole process was incredibly easy. A lot easier than I had originally thought.

            Since you get 4 extra links, the first thing I did was to take a link off it and then tested by attaching it to the other end. I did this so I could gain the confidence to take a link out of the band attached to the Moto 360.

            Once I was finished the test on the extra links I started on the band that is actually attached to the watch. The whole process took no more than 10 minutes

          19. Great! Good to hear.

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