OnePlus shows off first retail store, announces Black Friday deals with deeper discounts for sharing


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While jokes are still being made about the OnePlus One’s invite system, it hasn’t stopped the startup from opening up their very first retail store in China. Revealed earlier this week but not officially opening up shop until December 20th, the store is just the first of a few expected to hit China where it will likely stay. The OnePlus store doesn’t have a robust selection of mobile products to show off — just one: the OnePlus One (along with a few accessories). Still, it’s a pretty big step for a company that barely got off the ground a little over a year ago.

In related news, OnePlus has revealed their latest scheme to offer up Black Friday deals. A new landing page can be found with a countdown timer to Black Friday, and a variety of OnePlus accessories who’s discounts depend on the amount of shares the deal gets on Facebook. Discounts aren’t too deep, but a few can hit 50% off with 500,000 shares. Expect more in the range of 20% if even that.

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  1. Make sure you have two invites, one to get in the door and one for the phone!

    1. I’m done.

  2. Even though I hate their invite system but my 1+1 is spectacular.

    Chances are I’ll give to my mom for the 1+2

  3. somebody looking for invite ??

    1. I’m looking for one

      1. Black Friday NO invite req. but if You want send me email

        1. Yeah I still want one can you send it to [email protected]

          1. I sens U one ! Check e-mail !!

  4. Such BS, I can clearly see some bamboo OPO on display, which could mean they are possibly selling them in store. I had such love for this company, now they are a joke company. Sucks their phone is so awesome, otherwise I would jet so fast.

    1. I don’t see any backs for sale, just the bamboo marketing picture. The way Oneplus works, they probably still haven’t pulled any of their marketing stuff that has the bamboo on it (yes even though this is a brand new store). Oneplus can’t do anything right, why would you expect their store to be any different? LOL.

      1. One of the images shows the tables up close, the bamboo one is the one the opposite side of the closes table on the left side. I can clearly make out the bamboo back.

        I agree, they have screwed up left and right.

        1. I see it now too. I’m not really surprised at this as Oneplus has done nothing but lie and mislead the international market about the OPO, but what a crock!

  5. The first store in the world that sells invites.Yay

    1. Touche So funny!

  6. derp?

    1. Hodor?

  7. You need an invite to walk in and invite to buy an invite also they will ship your some unspecified time in the distant future. Wow what a flipping deal. And of course never settle.

  8. so they open a store that sells one phone model? maybe when you go in the store, you pay and later in the weeks you wait for a phone to come. or you only walk in the store once your on the vip list.

    1. hopefully it is just them planning for the future releases of the rumored one plus two and the oneplus smartwatch.

      1. Great, another phone that no one can buy.

  9. Why even open a store selling phones when there product isn’t even finished I.e touchscreen issues, yellow banding etc

    I have a OPO with no problems thankfully

    1. touch issues should be gone (they were fixed in the last update for me). I never noticed yellow banding so I can’t comment on that.

  10. It’s a retail store that sells invites.

  11. I am really hoping that they get things together and fix the issues with there product. I will be looking to get a new phone at the end of next year and have had hopes of using them.

    1. which issues are you talking about currently? I’ve got a OPO and most of them are fixed. Touch issues are gone, battery lasts forever, runs great. The only 2 issues I have with it are the flash not working in snapchat and the battery drains way too quickly when searching for signal (even on wifi)

  12. 1 store?
    in china?
    1 maybe 2 products?
    Invite system

    .. hmmmmm

  13. I’ve managed to get 5 of these for the family. Invites aren’t so hard to get as long as your not anti-social on the forums. I wish them luck. They need to work on PR.

  14. got 5 invite for FREE !!! hurry up 3 days left !! send email

  15. Still a failure in the States. Maybe in Asia they’re akin to these sort of moves but people over here don’t like to be told when and how to spend their money.

  16. Retail store for vampires only cause you have to be invited in.

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