Nov 24th, 2014

Nexus 9 DSC07276

Technology moves fast and if you’ve been eying a new Android tablet this holiday season, chances are you already have one that hasn’t aged so gracefully. If re-purposing that old tablet is out of the question, you can always trade it in and recover some of that money you poured into it.

Right now, Best Buy has a trade-in deal for anyone looking to pick up a Nexus 9. According to their new promo page, you can nab yourself $100-off a Nexus 9 with the trade-in of any working tablet. Okay, so the word “any” is still subject to Best Buy’s terms and conditions in that there are some tablets they wont take, for instance, any of the Barnes and Noble Nook or e-readers.

The full $100 comes in form of a $50 Best Buy giftcard for the trade-in, and another $50 discount off the Nexus 9 for a grand total of $100 in savings. It’s not bad, especially if you have an old Nexus 7 you’ve been meaning to upgrade. For full terms and conditions, make sure to check out Best Buy’s promo page here.

[Best Buy]

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