Best Buy offering $100 off a Nexus 9 when you trade-in any working tablet


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Technology moves fast and if you’ve been eying a new Android tablet this holiday season, chances are you already have one that hasn’t aged so gracefully. If re-purposing that old tablet is out of the question, you can always trade it in and recover some of that money you poured into it.

Right now, Best Buy has a trade-in deal for anyone looking to pick up a Nexus 9. According to their new promo page, you can nab yourself $100-off a Nexus 9 with the trade-in of any working tablet. Okay, so the word “any” is still subject to Best Buy’s terms and conditions in that there are some tablets they wont take, for instance, any of the Barnes and Noble Nook or e-readers.

The full $100 comes in form of a $50 Best Buy giftcard for the trade-in, and another $50 discount off the Nexus 9 for a grand total of $100 in savings. It’s not bad, especially if you have an old Nexus 7 you’ve been meaning to upgrade. For full terms and conditions, make sure to check out Best Buy’s promo page here.

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  1. whoa. Might have to trade in the 2012 Nexus 7 for this.

    1. Thinking the same thing here.

  2. Figures they won’t take the Nook since I have a perfectly working Nook Tablet aka the tablet before the HD.

  3. wonder if it applies for the LTE version?

  4. I have a perfect tablet for this deal. Original Kindle Fire.

    1. what about the blackberry tablet!!!!!

    2. They wouldn’t take mine. This is a very incomplete if not misleading deal. They say any working tablet except the Nook and e readers. Well, they consider the original Kindle Fire an e reader. I stood in line to find that out. There should be a list of unacceptable tablets plainly posted online. VERY disappointed at the lack of getting the deal but more at the sleight of hand advertising. Ridiculous, since as someone noted, it would appear that you can go out, buy a $29 tablet and exchange it for $100 off the N9. What gives?

      1. Them bastards. Original Kindle Fire was not an ereader. They had black and white screen kindles that were ereader but not fire

        1. The BB guy said it was an e reader and when I protested he went and asked another guy and the other guy said that the Fire was a dumbed down android tablet, which is exactly right. So, they set about finding the info in their computer and I guess they found a list of what was “allowed” and the Fire was not on the list. However, the newer generation WAS on the list.
          What else is not on the list I wonder? I just think they should have published the list. Where do they get off wasting my time like that?

  5. “It’s not bad, especially if you have an old Nexus 7 you’ve been meaning to upgrade.” – I feel like a 2012 Nexus 7 should still bring $100 on eBay, without being tied to Best Buy or the 12/6 deadline to use the coupon. For crappier tablets, though, I think this is a good offer.

    1. my uncle has a couple of $20 coby tablets he got from PC richard,. Should do the trick.

    2. I have a couple crappy old tablets that still work, so I may take them up on the offer.

  6. They won’t give me a penny for my 32GB WiFi HP Touchpad.

  7. Too bad the Nexus 9 is already overpriced by more than $100.

  8. Did they iron out the kinks in the Nexus 9 yet? I can buy one of our 1st gen Galaxy Tab 7″ for dirt cheap and trade it in!

  9. Hopefully they’ll take my old Acer. I don’t know what model it is but it works.

  10. Head down to Walmart for a $49 iView. Im not trading my N7 for that price.

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