Nov 21st, 2014

Google Glass Headquarters

There’s no question Google Glass — a moonshot project birthed from the creative minds of Google’s X Labs — has faced its share of uphill battles. From public outcry over privacy concerns to hardware constraints, it hasn’t been easy trying to change the world with a face-mounted computer doohickey. While Google and Glass supporters can deny reports of doom and gloom surrounding the program, the sudden closure of Google Glass Basecamps definitely isn’t going to help their PR department at all.

Aimed at providing personal, face-to-face communication with Glass Explorers, the makeshift stores were a great way for new customers to, not only browse and try on all the various colors and accessories available, but receive technical support/exchanges as well. Upon first receiving an invite to purchase Glass, Explorers were strongly urged to visit a Google Glass “Basecamp” at one of their 3 locations: San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles. We gave you guys our experience with the Google Glass Basecamp last year in our “day in the life with Google Glass” series.

Although we never once thought them to be permanent, it now seems the short lived Google Glass Basecamps are coming to an end with Google no longer accepting appointments at any of their campuses. Does this mean Google Glass is finally kaput? Not so fast.

Google Glass Basecamp appoinments

With Google Glass recently and its wide range of shades, frames, and accessories recently becoming available on the Google Play Store, this is merely a logical transition into Google’s tried-and-true online store front as the product (we hope) is still preparing for a wider consumer launch. Google admits the wearables market hasn’t been easy to break into, thanks in part to pricing where Glass costs a small fortune just to beta test.

Google Glass fitting room

It’s still a shame. Basecamps were also a great way for ordinary folk build relationships with not only other Glass Explorers via community events, but some of the people that helped shape Glass as well. Google Glass Basecamps were an experience look none other and we’re grateful to have been apart of it. We’ll always have the memories.

Thanks, Andrew!

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