Google shuts the doors on its Glass stores, Basecamps no longer accepting appointments


Google Glass Headquarters

There’s no question Google Glass — a moonshot project birthed from the creative minds of Google’s X Labs — has faced its share of uphill battles. From public outcry over privacy concerns to hardware constraints, it hasn’t been easy trying to change the world with a face-mounted computer doohickey. While Google and Glass supporters can deny reports of doom and gloom surrounding the program, the sudden closure of Google Glass Basecamps definitely isn’t going to help their PR department at all.

Aimed at providing personal, face-to-face communication with Glass Explorers, the makeshift stores were a great way for new customers to, not only browse and try on all the various colors and accessories available, but receive technical support/exchanges as well. Upon first receiving an invite to purchase Glass, Explorers were strongly urged to visit a Google Glass “Basecamp” at one of their 3 locations: San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles. We gave you guys our experience with the Google Glass Basecamp last year in our “day in the life with Google Glass” series.

Although we never once thought them to be permanent, it now seems the short lived Google Glass Basecamps are coming to an end with Google no longer accepting appointments at any of their campuses. Does this mean Google Glass is finally kaput? Not so fast.

Google Glass Basecamp appoinments

With Google Glass recently and its wide range of shades, frames, and accessories recently becoming available on the Google Play Store, this is merely a logical transition into Google’s tried-and-true online store front as the product (we hope) is still preparing for a wider consumer launch. Google admits the wearables market hasn’t been easy to break into, thanks in part to pricing where Glass costs a small fortune just to beta test.

Google Glass fitting room

It’s still a shame. Basecamps were also a great way for ordinary folk build relationships with not only other Glass Explorers via community events, but some of the people that helped shape Glass as well. Google Glass Basecamps were an experience look none other and we’re grateful to have been apart of it. We’ll always have the memories.

Thanks, Andrew!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Always wished that I had the money to buy a pair of those glasses…. Sigh

    1. They still sell them; they just don’t have the in-person places to visit and discuss.

    2. Go on the web, bid on a pair, pay a fraction of the price.

  2. “3 locations: San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles.” – and there you have it, an utter impossibility for most GG owners. Plus, in this day and age, we don’t really need physical stores.. the web and just figuring stuff out is enough. Unless you lived in San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles, and even then it was a long shot, who is going to pay $1500 AND take effort to go to a not needed store front? Uber geeks only, no one else. So.. it had fail all over it.

    1. It could be shipped, but Google REALLY wanted you to come in for a fitting if you could. They even offered free cookies and beer. Definitely worth it.

      1. Ok, now I have to ask – what cookies, exactly, go with what beer?

        Oreos with Guinness Black Lager?

        Ladiefingers with Harp’s?

        And just so I’m clear – Glass feedback came from those of you with Glass, sugar buzzes and plenty of beer.

        I have no idea how Glass has not already taken over the world.

        If you’d told everyone before that the Glass formula included sugar and alcohol you’d have probably gotten a lot more market interest and a lot less cat calling ok.

      2. Ok, no offense but “Definitely worth it.” turned out to be “Definitely NOT worth it.” Clearly. Which is why they are shutting the places down. They only had 3 mind you – totally inconvenient. Plus, $1500 is crazy expensive to begin with and we know this as they sell for half that in the real world when people bid on them. And so then what, spend how much more money and time to go to one of these storefronts for what? To have someone “fit” your glasses? What is there to “fit”? They are glasses. We all know how to wear glasses. And anything else you need to know is on the web which you can access free anywhere in the world at any time in your underwear from your own home. No stroe needed.

        Like I said above.. Google is only in the habit of shutting down service and apps and things like this if they lose their usefulness or just failed. This failed. It is really that simple. Not enough GG and enough people wanted to come to the places – of which there were only 3 – so it failed. Sorry.. simple truth and no hating. It was just a bad idea that didn’t catch. It happens and it happened here.

    2. More hate spaying jealously. Nothing to see here. Don’t feed the fungus troll.

      1. So I have an opinion on a topic, as do you, and if you not like I am a troll.. then what are you?

        What was wrong, off, or not a realistic interpretation of the events that took place in my post? Google does not do stuff and stop it unless it is a fail. Clearly, that store front idea was a total fail no one even used.

        ps – look at that photo. A MASSIVE space and how many people? 8. And, at least half resemble store staff helping people. Uh… yeah. Dead.

  3. this project was way to ambitious…itll never take flight…unless they make it like a contact lense

  4. Disappointed in one hand, but I can’t even afford it, so unaffected in the other.

  5. Goofle realises Goofle Glass is a flop.

  6. Too expensive – I was really hoping that they’d retail for around $500 – but alas it wasn’t to be.

    What happened to the story about Google becoming an MVNO?

  7. And I was saving up for a pair too…

    1. Wait til the general retail release. Price should drop significantly.

      1. When? i read it was suppose to be 2014 and we only have one month left lol.

  8. the end is nigh

  9. Damn it, I should have gone to the one in NY when I was there this summer. BAD Google fan, BAD!

  10. This is a bit unfortunate for those who were keen on this. And your right Mr Chavez about the amount of Flak Glass has copped over Privacy concerns and even Piracy, among other things. Seems every week somebody had a problem/concern with the product.
    Not trolling but the day apple releases their own version of glass, it will be welcomed with open arms, nobody will have a problem and they will have dedicated Genius bars ala Google Basecamp! Just watch……….. :/

    1. I doubt it. If it has a camera and is worn, as with Glass, the same problem will exist. With a mobile phone it is obvious who is filming. With a worn device, you can never tell what is happening. It is this aspect which pisses people off. All of ones actions and words must be guarded

      I love the device and think the general technology has significant potential, but in a general public setting there will always be this issue, regardless of the manufacturer.

      1. Its funny how the public is completely fine with secret cameras and microphones recording everything you do an say in public, but suddenly are concerned when they actually know its there. Seems like an ignorance is bliss situation. lol.

        1. You said it yourself; SECRET cameras. Dealing with the widespread prevalence of secret cameras would require collective action in order to change laws. With Glass, people have other options such as smacking it off the face of a wearer, barring them from various establishments, etc..

  11. Thank god! This was the most ridiculous piece of technology I’d ever heard of.

      1. Not in the least. Did you catch the headline? Living through Google Glasses isn’t living.

  12. I want a pair of these once they’re released ¡¡

  13. I’d rather have a google glass for around $500 (if it went for that low) than a smartwatch. As is it’s too expensive.

  14. I am still considering purchasing one just so long as I can come up with a good reason to have one besides recording stuff that happens

  15. For information-rich application areas, such docs doing the rounds, stock picking in a warehouse, etc…., Glass is an ideal solution. The limited FOV dramatically limits broader application of the device.

    Hipsters may find it a novel way to help remember where their favorite Starbucks shops they visit daily are located, or perhaps to never miss a Tweet….. but even they would grow weary of being shunned.

  16. Devs already gave up on it = kaput

  17. Glass will live on in other areas of industry.

    1. Glass is still living on as Glass. They are available for purchase. The basecamps were not the end of Glass. Does anyone read the whole article anymore ?

  18. This kinda reminds me of the Segway phenomenon from a couple of decades ago. It was built up to unrealistic expectations, but it didn’t really catch on with the public as a new mode of transport. But the Segway did prove popular to more commercial and institutional organizations. So just because Joe Public didn’t adopt it completely, Segways are still being made and used.

    The Segway example can easily be applied to Google Glass. The public or developers weren’t eager to embrace it but there are plenty of other sectors of industry, business, government, etc that apparently are willing to give Glass a shot.

    So just because the application of the technology isn’t as mainstream and commercial, it can still be widely used in many other parts of our society.

    1. Glass is a Tool to be used in business in unique ways anything with a list picking would really do well with glass i would love to see some integration with wear to be the touchpad then it can be more useful as touching the side of your head isn’t fun.

      I think the reason why we haven’t seen a new glass is Google wating for the right hardware to be made what is the point of this device if it can’t really last a day the hardware in glass is OLD.

      Dev are only gone current due to no people if a lower cost version gets release who know they might come back.

  19. thought the whole thing was ridiculous anyway.

  20. Google spreads itself too thin…never really give it 100% to anything…this is what separates Apple from Google.

    1. Not sure what this has to do with the article here. Besides, Google is too big to spread too thin. The thing that really separates Google from Apple is that Google actually innovates technology, while Apple repackages the same, old , tech in a new package and lies to its gullible users about how NEW it is. If i want cutting edge tech i buy Android, if i want a pretty screen that plays lots of games ill buy an iPhone.

      1. Google innovate? Like FDE?! Pure fail there. And they even had Apple to copy and couldn’t do it.

        Google Glass? Great dreamy idea…but execution sucks and no one cares about it.

        Android may do thinks quicker than Apple…but their EXECUTION leaves something to be desired at times.

        Can Google decide on a messenger app? They are all over the place. None compare to iMessage, where texts are near instantaneous and you can send videos up to 3 min in length quickly.

        Google Wallet…like Glass…true, came out first…but execution is cumbersome…never caught out, even among Android fanboys. Never caught on…until Apple came out with Apple Pay that is much easier to use. So, despite Apple’s smaller % of marketshare, Apple Pay is able to do what Google Wallet can only dream of in 2 weeks!

        Ahhh…Android hardware…innovate how? 2K displays that are paired with chips that can’t run it? Cameras with a million mega-pixels yet can’t take a decent picture inside the house?

        And sadly, Nexus is now marketing as well…2k display yet S805 can’t run it smoothly! WTF is Google thinking?!

        Hardware innovate? How about Apple bringing out the first ARMv8 chip over a year ago! And it was (and still is) purely CUSTOM DESIGN. Even today, Android best chip (Exynos 7 or upcoming Qualcomm S810) using ARMv8 architecture is using GENERIC cores with much lower IPC. The only worth a damn is the Nvidia K1 Denver…but as you can see in Nexus 9, it is a POS in execution.

        The general story here is this…Android occasionally comes out first, but their execution sucks. In fact, other than notifications, Android for the most part is unpolished in execution…in hardware too. That was why i started with Android and continued with it until my Note 2…then i jumped ship bc i got frustrated with Android OEMs being purely MARKETING, and don’t care about user experience nor customer service post-sale. Why 2k display? Samsung is rumored for 4k display! WTF?! Why concentrate on this yet you can’t do the basics well?! Take LG coming out with 2K display yet S801 chip gets overheated and stutters galore because it can’t run it efficiently! Why?

        1. Wow, all that typing while saying nothing but your own biased opinion. Ironic that you mention the word “marketing”, its the only thing Apple is good at. You are the poster-child for everything i mentioned in my post. Apples marketing has you convinced , wrongly, that its better. To each his own. Apple loves gullible idiots that become clones in their closed ecosystem so they can drain your wallet each year with the same boring, bland, dated OS. So desperate to catch up that they made their own Galaxy Note. Sure , theyre really innovating. Go post your nonsense on an Apple blog, you could find some simple minded folk like yourself there. Good luck.

          1. Gullible idiots…have you look yourself in the mirror?

            Android…home of 2k and (gasp!) 4k displays with processors that cannot drive them!

            Android…home of ever increasing GHz with no real innovation (!!)…instead relying on 25 year old chip architecture and GHz to fool the Android phanboys. And now, trying to impress everyone next year with 64-bit processing…except Qualcomm and Samsung using GENERIC ARM cores with barely a difference from their 32-bit cores.

            Android…home of the mega-pixels race, yet you won’t find one that can take a picture inside the house!

            Android…home of best security…except, those damn Flashlight apps keeps on stealing your info! Or FDE that throttles performance. Or where 99% of malware is aimed at. Or where Google tracks, reads (!!!), and monitor every texts, email, search….

            Android…home of a not-so-open ecosystem…where the near future is for Google to cram 20 apps of their own into EVERY SINGLE ANDROID DEVICE.

            Google this: “Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary”

            by ARSTECHNICA…READ IT…and educate yourself.

            Oh yeah, i must be the gullible one………… (hint: sarcasm)

          2. What’s funny is you are so adamant on showing how google is worse than apple yet you are on an android site reading about an android article. I understand if apple was paying you to convert people but it just cracks me up how people like you are. ha ha!

          3. It is fun…what can i say?

            Care to debate me in tech? Is what i wrote wrong?

          4. more meaningless dribble. You need help.

        2. My goodness. This just shows how good apple is at marketing. All i have to say is… do a little research before you talk. I’m only going to respond on one thing. Apple pay and google wallet. First of all, google wallet was just a side project for google. They never advertised it because they were only just doing it as a side project. Second of all, have you actually used google wallet? I tested apple pay and google wallet for a week. They both work just about the same. The only difference is one has fingerprint and the other uses a pin code and from my testing gwallet was just slightly faster but they work great. I don’t know how apple pay is better except for the fact that it has made all tap and pay services easier to use.

          1. GW…you have unlock your phone…open app…and enter PIN.

            Apple Pay is faster because there is no app to open…and the act of unlocking your phone is what authenticate it.

            With GW, Google sees your transactions…gathering more info on you.

            Apple Pay…private. Apple knows nothing about you.

          2. Actually you don’t. You can even do it from the lockscreen. After you tap on the machine the app automatically opens and asks for pin. I used both for a week and have been using gwallet for over 2 years now. It’s gone through several changes and its a great system now. But you are right about google gathering info from your transactions. The same way that the stores gather info when you give them your zip code and the same way email companies gather info from you. Information about you is being gathered no matter what you use. Apple gathers info on you when you purchase an app. So I don’t see this as a big problem. I’m not paranoid.

    2. “Google spreads itself too thin … this is what separates Apple from Google.”

      Yeah, except for:
      *Search, where Google dominates everyone.
      *Drive, which surpassed anything Apply has in the productivity field, and where Microsoft is finally catching up.
      *Ads, where no one touches Google.
      *Android, where Apple adopts more Google features with every iOS version
      *Chrome, where Google dominates Apple in browser market share
      *Maps, where Google still easily dominates everyone.

      So where are they spreading themselves too thin again? Apple has no answer to Google Glass, Nest, or driverless cars. So what’s the problem with Google trying new product areas?

      1. Maps, Search…best in the biz!

        Didn’t they buy Nest?

        The other stuff…are they successful? Yeah, they can try new projects…but why? Google need to concentrate on what they do best! Trying all sorts of things way out of their expertise…and hoping one would stick is not good business practice. Your post is exactly my point.

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