Moto X (2nd Gen) receives Android 5.0 Lollipop via soak test [UPDATE]


Moto X 2014 Android 5.0 Lollipop

Well, that was unexpected. If you needed any further proof that Motorola is on top of their “software update game,” look no further than the Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) Pure Edition which is now reportedly receiving an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Earlier this week, Motorola was surveying prospective soak testers about a new update which was assumed to be Android 5.0 Lollipop but out of nowhere and without warning, the update hit one users phone. Because the user purchased the phone off of Swappa, he’s not sure if the previous owner opted in for soak tests of any sort. If merely a soak test, it’s strange that Motorola didn’t take to their usual forums to post their release notes detailing all the goodies you can expect when you update your Moto X (2014) to Android 5.0 Lollipop. It’s available for all to see right here.

So whether this is private soak test or a public rollout remains to be seen. In either case, this would technically make the Moto X (2014) the first Android device — even ahead of the Nexus 5 — to receive an over-the-air update to Lollipop. Guess making a Nexus device (ie, the Nexus 6) has its perks. Details of the release — which we’ve already covered in length — can be found via Motorola’s page below. Pardon our language but, holy sh*t.

UPDATE: Annnnnnnnd…. Motorola has just removed the release notes page. It’s looking more and more like this could be that soak test we’ve been hearing about and not the actual OTA (but it shouldn’t be far off now). Stay tuned…

[Motorola | h/t: Lucas Freeman]

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  1. That is awesome! Way to go, Motorola!

    1. The change in Motorola the past year is simple amazing. They’re the best Android OEM by far, in my opinion. I really hope their sales numbers increase to reflect this trend.

      1. Completely Agreed! And by the looks of it, it’s starting to look like LG is stepping it up as well. I didn’t get the LG G3 due to the questionable support, but the LG G4 may very well be my next phone. I think the G3 is the perfect phone for my needs, but questions about support is what kept me away.

        But I’m getting off topic. I’m really loving what I’m seeing from Motorola! Top Notch products, quick updates! Samsung may want to develop Tizen and leave android down the road, but if they continue to be the Call of Duty of cell phones, they’re going to start losing to these other manufacturers stepping up, such as Motorola & LG. HTC has always been my favorite (First smartphone being the Incredible… I’ve been waiting since the uber-awesome Incredible Speculation thread… those who were there understand), then the Thunderbolt, then the Galaxy S3, then the Droid DNA, then HTC One Max. I’m thinking HTC has made some unquestionable decisions.

        One last time… Before i get on another rant… WAY TO GO MOTOROLA!

        1. Dedicated fan,I replied to your message to me,and I should have been more clear. It should have said “THE first comment I SAW when I got to the comments section. Meaning the one left just before mine. I flagged it,and it was removed. Comments spam really just bugs me,and I always flag and report,especially when they are using Google as a lure. Sorry if you thought it was you I was refering to. I’m not sure if I can edit,as I’m fairly new at this,but will look into it. This reply and the one higher up should clear thing a bit.

          1. That’s no problem at all! I just saw your comment! No harm, no foul! Thanks for explaining! :D

          2. You’re quite welcome. Have a good evening. And see ya around.

  2. The Moto X got Lollipop before my Nexus 5? WTF?!

    1. This actually kind of aggravates me, seeing as my N5 has yet to be prompted.

    2. Get out of the loop, Moto is ruling.

    3. I feel let down by Google. Can’t get their own OS out before 3rd parties… poor show

    4. Google doesn’t want to take the spotlight off of their new devices that are being released on the 12th.

  3. Impressive. Most impressive.

  4. Ha ha! The Moto X got Lollipop before most people got the N6 and N9! :P

    1. Motorola for president lol

  5. Woah!! DANNNNG!!

  6. Motorola ain’t playing!

  7. dont see an update yet. Anyone?

  8. If it had 3GB of RAM and Snapdragon 810 I would officially called it the REAL Nexus 6.

    1. I would cal it either magic or a tardis, since the 810 is nowhere near ready for mass production

    2. If the battery life was better I would already have this phone

      1. It will last you one full day tool.

    3. If it had the 810 it would more than likely have 4 gigs of ram

    1. Motorola king of all phones again. Samsung who?

  9. How does that Moto X already have the Lollipop nav bar if it is getting the update now?

    1. Exactly what I was about to post.

      1. Root + Lollipop nav buttons Xposed module

    2. Because u can just root your Moto X and install difference softkeys.

      1. Wouldn’t rooting stop the OTA?

        1. No it won’t, And u can delete root after u got the keys installed. It might even be possible without root and just install the files over ADB.

    3. Well the doesn’t actually go anywhere, so there’s that

    4. Root + Xposed modules.

  10. Damn I’m jelly.

  11. Any word on when the carrier versions will get it? Still considering buying this but I have to get a carrier version.

  12. It’s not because they make the Nexus 6. They’re simply better than Google at preparing updates. Same thing happened last year when the Moto X(2013) beat the Nexus 4 to OTA(though technically we got images beforehand).

    1. I couldn’t believe that my Moto x 2013 received kit kat faster than my nexus tablet 2012

  13. Soak. Not public

  14. What about the og moto x. They’ve forgotten all about us. : (

    1. Dude. Relax. It’ll come. Lol

      1. That’s what he said?..

      2. I can’t. I feel like WALL-E left on a planet of garbage and the moto x 2014 is EVA with the pretty lights and lasers. :)

      3. The moto x second generation rules all phone.

        1. Sorry, my Droid Turbo says otherwise.

          1. Your Droid Turbo will be hindered by Verizon, why the hell didnt the use software navkeys, what a shame

  15. So now .2% percent of users have Lollipop. That’s nice.

    1. it must start with something

  16. Nexus should buy Motorola ( Or or vice versa ) and name it “Nexola”. Then nobody gona beat them.. Ever!! :)

    1. Google did buy Motorola and then sold it to Lenovo. Nexus is a brand, not a company, it can’t buy anything.

      1. Yeah true. It was just a joke :) Point is, they should be “one”!

  17. Whoa wait, so did the Moto X receive the update earlier than the Nexus 5?

    1. It appears it’s going to.

    2. That is a gigantic helping of amazing-sauce.

  18. what is a soak test ?

    1. A soak test is testing a system under a significant load over a period of time to determine if the system will overload or not.

      1. thanks

  19. Anyone know if this soak test will bring LTE band 12 and wi-fi calling for TMobile?

  20. First,NOTHING makes a website look cheap,except when the first comment (I SAW) is SPAM! When I got to the comments section. My email does a better job!

    Now as to moto x getting the update first? It has NOT happened YET. And don’t you all think that they have a head start? I mean how hard can it be to make that happen after making the Nexus 6 on their own hardware. Seems they could have done the programing in tandem. This is a no brainer :-D

    1. Hey David, not spam. I’m not trying to advertise, this is just easier for me…

      My website has a Disqus comment section, but I couldn’t admin my comment section when logged into my Facebook / Personal Disqus account. So i merged it with my website login.

      So, not spam, Just ended up here first as I have the Phandroid app, and get all the notifications.

      1. Hi,I don’t think my message was directed to you. There was a message directly under mine yesterday and it was an advertisement and had nothing to do with the article. It was from some young lady who could have just been a front for the spam comment,which has been removed today,or yesterday. It was advertising a job opportunity using Google,and those kinds of things are usually fraudulent scams. It was not the user name dedicated fans! I have a screenshot and will forward it to Google and they can investigate. Hope this answers your inquiry.

        1. Thanks for clarifying! I saw your other message as well . Just mis-understood what you meant. I see the edit now :)

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