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google maps material design update

Google has another new app being blessed with Material Design this morning. Google Maps version 9.0 is out and waiting for you to drool over. Like many of Google’s apps being dressed up for the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version of Google Maps emphasizes lush animations, clean lines and makes effective use of white space to make the app as enjoyable to look at as it is to use.

Alongside the big user interface changes, Google has implemented OpenTable and Uber. The former will allow you to make a reservation at a restaurant right within Google Maps if the restaurant supports OpenTable, while those with the Uber app installed can get fare and travel time estimates on travel from one place to the next when looking at individual destinations. This, of course, only applies to areas where Uber is currently available.

You’re probably chomping at the bit for the upgrade. Many of you have already received it via Google Play, but fret not if it has yet to reach your device — this handy APK download should get you going in the right direction (pun totally, but not really intended).

[via Google]

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  1. Maybe Google is planning on updating majority of their important apps and then release lollipop for the nexus 5 etc…

  2. The should add the option to download the map of a entire country instead of small pieces. I really like Google maps but the offline navigation just sucks

    1. I’ve had good success in using offline nav.

    2. You can’t navigate in offline mode, thats the only thing i’m waiting for in Google Maps

  3. OPenTable and Uber? Ugh!!!! Why oh why do great apps have to align themselves and bloat their apps with nonsense. If you want OPenTable and Uber get OPenTable and Uber apps. Honestly, millions use Maps.. thousands use both of those other apps and of those, how many use all 3 and really need this silly integration.

    1. Money, that’s why.

    2. It’s 14 megs, hardly bloated. Don’t like it, don’t use it.

      1. It’s 29 MB. But, that isn’t the issue. The issue is the other crap in the app slows it down.

  4. Hopefully this application is actually usable on the Nexus 10…unlike the previous version.

    1. Seems kinda weird that you’d want to navigate using a tablet.

      1. I don’t. I want to use the maps application though.

      2. i use a tablet everyday for navigation, why is that weird? they make vehicle mounts specifically for that purpose

        1. This comes to mind:

          If you really want to use something like a tablet to navigate while driving wait for these to become more common and better:

  5. I love the directions button on the main screen!

  6. Hmm. Works on my tablet but the same apk gives “can’t parse file” on my phone. Looks good though.

    update: found the Jellybean apk on another site. Happy again.

  7. Waiting for these new Materialised G Apps to show up in the Play Store.
    So far none yet.
    Not even Gmail 5.0.

    1. Gmail 5 is in the app store now. Downloaded it yesterday actually.

      1. Yup it appeared on Play Store here on 7-11 too.
        Yesterday as well.

  8. You guys at Google….

    By the time I finish adding all these new material design apps to the Developer Preview I’ll have the official release. I seriously can’t imagine it being that much different.

  9. still only 8.4.1 :( looks nice though

  10. LOVE google maps. I use it weekly and it NEVER lets me down. With each update, it just gets better and better…. hands their is.

    1. It’s their best work yet.

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