Verizon users can now send MMS picture messages to Google Voice numbers


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MMS compatibility between Google Voice and users of traditional cellular phones has long been solved for many folks on many carriers around the globe… except Verizon. We’re not sure why America’s #1 carrier wasn’t able to get MMS to work between Google Voice users and their own subscribers to this point, but there’s no longer anything to worry about.

Phandroid can confirm (after about half a dozen tests) that Google Voice users will now see MMS messages sent by Verizon Wireless numbers. The photos show up inline as they would on any ordinary MMS-to-MMS connection instead of simply being lost and dissolved into nothingness.

The reverse is still the same as it’s always been — Google Voice users can send photos to Verizon users and Verizon users will see it as a link to a photo. Still not quite as smooth as we’d like, but it certainly is a big step forward for those on Big Red who had to put up with this annoyance. Now go send some pictures!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It must be a cold day in hell today.

    Thank you baby Jesus for this.

  2. The reverse isn’t the reverse in this article, both paragraphs talk about sending MMS from GV to verizon. How about if a verizon user sends MMS to a GV number?

    1. My wife is on Verizon and i was just able to receive a MMS from her with no issues.

    2. I verified this yesterday with 6 different people. Verizon users can send an MMS to a Google Voice number and the picture shows up as intended where as in the past it was lost in space.

      Edit: Oh I see, the verbiage is incorrect. Post edited to reflect what’s actually happening. Sorry for the confusion.

      1. It only works sending from Verizon if there is no text with the pic. If you add a message with your pic, it will not be received by GV.

  3. Does this include MMS group messaging?

  4. Does this effect hangouts differently than Google voice? I’ve never had a problem I dont think

  5. This whole post confuses me. The Google Voice app has no option to send a picture (MMS). What on earth are you talking about here?

    1. If your number IS a Google Voice number, OR you change your Hangouts app settings to send SMS from your Google Voice # instead of your main carrier number, AND you send a text WITH an image attached, THEN it’ll be an MMS. Does it make sense now? :)

      1. So this assumes you’re using Hangouts for texting. I haven’t enabled that feature. I only use it for IMing. I send texts through the Voice app.

        I think you’re being vague with “IS”. I have a gv# that forwards to my various numbers/targets (work, home, cell, hangouts). I dial with my gv# for all international calls, or when calling strangers (e.g. Craigslist).

        This is the classic usage model that doesn’t require any number porting.

        I *could* use my gv# for all dialing, but i didn’t want to retrain everyone. Its MMS support was a significant part of that. Additionally, I often find that GV messages services lag tremendously, whereas regular SMS texting works instantly. This can be attributed to either Google, Verizon Data services, or both.

  6. I just had a V customer send me a pic and it came into my hangouts instead of voice like pictures normally do. I haven’t switched my voice to hangouts yet either.

  7. Woo hoo! Been waiting for this!

  8. Sending MMS from a Verizon number to Google Voice does not work if you add text with the pic.

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