Nov 4th, 2014

verizon wireless logo brick wall featured

MMS compatibility between Google Voice and users of traditional cellular phones has long been solved for many folks on many carriers around the globe… except Verizon. We’re not sure why America’s #1 carrier wasn’t able to get MMS to work between Google Voice users and their own subscribers to this point, but there’s no longer anything to worry about.

Phandroid can confirm (after about half a dozen tests) that Google Voice users will now see MMS messages sent by Verizon Wireless numbers. The photos show up inline as they would on any ordinary MMS-to-MMS connection instead of simply being lost and dissolved into nothingness.

The reverse is still the same as it’s always been — Google Voice users can send photos to Verizon users and Verizon users will see it as a link to a photo. Still not quite as smooth as we’d like, but it certainly is a big step forward for those on Big Red who had to put up with this annoyance. Now go send some pictures!

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