Samsung announces Galaxy A5 and A3 with metal unibody design, 5MP front facing cameras [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy A5 kids

We’ve heard about Samsung’s A series many times in recent months. The subject of countless leaks, tonight, on the eve of Halloween, Samsung is formally announcing their metal-clad Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy A3.

Samsung says the new phone line feature a more “trendy” design aimed at a younger demographic (probably those who love the look of the all metal iPhone) thanks to an all metal unibody exterior and a side profile Samsung says is their thinnest smartphone yet (because paper thin smartphones are still a thing). The Galaxy A5 measures in at just barely 6.7mm thin, while the A3 is 6.9mm (same as the iPhone 6). Yeah, these things are slim. There’s 5 colors too (no doubt limited by region): Pearl White, Midnight Black, Platinum Silver, Soft Pink, Light Blue and Champagne Gold.

The other interesting hardware spec is the front facing camera. Samsung opted for a 5MP shooter on the front because the kids, they’re all about the selfies nowadays. You know what the kids aren’t into? The smartphone spec arms race we saw this year. There’s no 2K displays or octa-core processors to be found on these devices. No, sir. The A series is all about style and aesthetics. Here’s where we’re at in terms of hardware:

Samsung Galaxy A5 hardware

Samsung Galaxy A5

  • 1.2GHz unnamed quad-core processor
  • 5.0” HD SAMOLED
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage w/ micro SD card slot (up to 64GB)
  • 13MP rear / 5MP front facing
  • LTE Cat 4
  • NFC (LTE model only)
  • 2,300mAh battery
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

Samsung Galaxy A3

  • 1.2GHz unnamed quad-core processor
  • 4.5-inch qHD SAMOLED
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage w/ micro SD card slot (up to 64GB)
  • 8MP rear / 5MP front facing
  • LTE Cat 4
  • NFC (LTE model only)
  • 1,900 mAh
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

Samsugn Galaxy A3 hardware

Samsung mentioned that while the new Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 will definitely be headed to China, availability will also be limited to other select markets as well (although was mum on details). Check out Samsung’s hip new promo video below and be sure to let us know what you think about the new A series.


[Samsung Tomorrow]

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  1. – Middle of the road specs

    – Tiny battery

    – Probably not coming to America


    1. But they’re so sexy. Honestly, I’m digging this look a lot. If only the Galaxy S5 looked like this, it probably would have sold better. People like pretty. These are pretty.

      1. Is that why people like me?

      2. Don’t worry my friend, the galaxy s6 will definitely look like this.

        1. For your sake I hope not. Otherwise iPhones will win.

          1. Is this the new “letting the terrorists win”?

      3. We’re talking about phones here… Right?

        1. This obsession with “sexy” and “form over function” needs to stop. It needs to perform well first and foremost as a phone, and provide convenience features like swappable battery + SD cards.

      4. agree!

      5. idk…htc m8, iphone 5s, and xperia z3 i think are sexy, these dont look that great to me

      6. I hear people saying the Galaxy S6 is something we should really look forward to.

      7. No, just no. The main reason I buy Galaxy phones is for removable battery + SD card. Look at HTC One series.. did they sell better due to aluminum “sexy” body… no. I don’t want an iPhone copy cat. If I want full aluminum body I’ll just buy an iPhone.

    2. That tiny battery has a chance of actually lasting a while with a lower res display and a slower CPU. These phones appeal to me more than the S5 (or any of Samsungs other models*) * Disclosure, I’m not a kid.

      1. My getting-elderly Galaxy S3 doesn’t have more demanding specs than this, and its short battery life has been driving me crazy lately.

        1. What are you saying? That Li-ion batteries get worse over time? That modern CPUs aren’t more energy efficient than those from a few years ago? Or that you think the 2300mAh battery (as found in the Nexus 5 and new Moto X) isn’t enough?

          1. – The T-Mobile Device Health app claims that my battery is still healthy.

            – However energy-efficient the new CPU may be, there’s four of them in this phone, and only two of them in my GS3.

            – Honestly, the 2300 mAh battery is the reason that I’m considering the Nexus 6 instead of the Moto X.

          2. If 2300mAh can keep my Nexus 5 going for a hard day, I’m sure it can keep the A5 going just as long. Especially with Android 5.0.

            I agree that Motorola missed a trick with the 2014 Moto X which apparently has worse battery life than the N5.

            P.S. you are aware that modern CPU cores can be down clocked individually when the phone doesn’t need them aren’t you? So your S3 could well be using more juice than a modern CPU that runs at the same speed as the modern CPU is effectively running on one core when doing trivial tasks.

          3. I’m dying to use Lollipop on my recently-acquired Nexus 5. I’ll have to wait a bit for Cyanogenmod to make a ROM for it after it’s been released, though. Gonna jump into it like people will jump into candy tonight and in the few days.

      2. What does whether or not you’re a kid have to do with anything?

    3. Wondering if this would run well if Touchwiz and bloatware doesn’t lag/bog down the Samsung Galaxy phones the way people often claim they do. A quad-core processor is no slouch and 2GB of RAM would be fine if it was optimised like the Moto X. You don’t necessarily *need* hexacore or quad-core processors and 3/4 GB of RAM if your software and hardware work very well together. Battery life will suffer greatly (not to mention temp increases from running such crazy internals in such a “small” device which can also affect battery life). The iPhone crowd often accuses us of paying too much attention to big numbers that may not necessarily make a phone better in overall performance (including battery life and harmony between software and hardware). It’s something to consider.

  2. While the iPhone finally evolved into what it is. Samsung is busy replicating their old style. Honestly, it would do them some good if they bring on a new design team and wow the industry.

    1. Yes…it evolved into a bigger version with same style cues since 2007…huge bezels, etc.. But I agree with you on Samsung.

    2. they fired the design team after the release of the S5 so next year we should see design changes from samsung. not sure how much will change tho.

  3. Unsure what to make of this, unless the Quad Core is something based on ARMv8 it’s going to suck.

    So premium build with crap internals, that’s usually HTC territory.

    1. Probably the snapdragon 410 which is 32/64bit

  4. I think you meant six colors…

  5. I prefer function over form, which is removable battery + SD card.

  6. why is it that so many devices have a 1.2ghz quad-core currently? seems to be the go to currently. certainly would rather have a faster dual core

  7. Okay. Now Apple can finally call Samsung a copy cat because it finally is

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