Oct 30th, 2014


Can’t say we didn’t see this coming, but Google Glass is now banned in a wide range of movie theaters worldwide. The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have announced a new policy that would effectively land you in a world of trouble if you’re caught with Google Glass on your head during a movie showing. The duo also bans the use of cellphones and other video recording equipment while viewing a movie.

It’s a move that doesn’t surprise us in a tug-of-war between content makers and content consumers. Alongside the Recording Industry Association of America in the music realm, the MPAA has fought quite diligently to make sure their members’ copyrighted material is kept from being illegally copied and distributed. Piracy is illegal, and it’s in their right to protect their interests at whatever cost.

The MPAA makes up six of the largest movie studio companies around the world and are responsible for a vast majority of blockbuster films that release every year. NATO, on the other hand, represents over 56,000 movie theaters worldwide. Many of these theaters have already began to ban the use of Google Glass at their own discretion, but making it a worldwide policy makes it somewhat officially official.

It’s a very interesting policy that might spark some controversy among Google Glass enthusiasts. Many would argue that having a recording device on their head doesn’t automatically mean they’re using the device’s recording features and that the wearable should be an acceptable accessory to use. Some would liken it to smartphones being allowed in a theater, except it’s pretty obvious when a smartphone is being used to record a huge display — not so obvious when or if it’s Google Glass.

Do Glass owners have reason to be upset? Maybe, but they knew what they were getting into when they joined the Explorers program. Heck, Google even warned you about some of the troubles you’ll come across as you champion the wearable flag to help this new emerging tech category find its way. Fight the new policy if you so wish, but don’t be surprised if theater staff end up calling the authorities over it because that is now their right.

[via Hollywood Reporter]

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