Inbox by Gmail ‘app’ now available in the Chrome Web Store


Inbox by Gmail Chrome app

Earlier this week we watched as Google unveiled Inbox by Gmail, their radical new take on electronic mail. Although initially limited only to a small group of people, last night Google pushed out their first batch of invites which, for the most part, seemed pretty large. We know many of our readers are avid Chrome users and for those who have the the browser installed on their computers, we just wanted to let you know that an Inbox Chrome app is now available in the Web Store.

We’re not even gonna sugar coat it — the “app,” is anything but. While an icon does appear in your Chrome app drawer, it’s little more than a shortcut taking you to We know. Pretty lame. Like many of you, we had hoped Google would have released something more akin to the Google Keep Chrome app which can operate outside the browser (and even has its own icon in your dock). I guess this is as good as it gets for now, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any further Inbox updates.

[Inbox by Gmail on Chrome Web Store]

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  1. Want a Google Inbox Invite. Please follow me on twitter @jaimanny:disqus and post with Hastag: #InviteByJaimanny
    More Info go to

    1. No need to “follow” this guy anymore. Invite was already given out.

      Just saving people time

  2. Would love an invite if someone has: Ajitkpatel at, jamn424 at thanks in advance.

  3. Started playing around with inbox last night, seems pretty cool. One thing I loved right away was the ability to make custom bundles and say exactly what goes into them. I hated that I couldn’t customize the tabs in gmail. The pinning and snoozing is a god send.

  4. Any idea how long will it take to have invitation from Google? I have requested last week, but still waiting!!!!

  5. I’d love an invite if anyone has an extra one. Kthksbye. [email protected]

  6. Hi, if any of you still have an invite could you please kindly share it with me? at “nael [email protected]” thanks!

  7. There’s a Google Keep app? I should really look into the webstore. LoL!!

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