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How much would you pay for a pair of wireless headphones boasting a lightweight design and the ability to drop some heavy bass? What if we throw in a noise-canceling outer shell and built-in microphone for hands-free voice calls? We’d say thats worth at least $60, but you won’t have to pay that much to get your own pair of TOCCs Feather Buds. Thanks to you can snag a set for only $24.99.

Buy TOCCs Feather Buds for $24.99 at

That equates to savings of over 50% off retail value for these in-ear headphones featuring great audio quality at ranges of up 30ft. Pair the with your Android smartphone, a computer, or any other compatible Bluetooth device and free yourself of the hassles and tangles associated with wired headphones. This is 2014, people. Cord cutting is a thing.

Three sizes of comfort gel buds are included to insure a perfect, sound-tight fit for listeners of all shapes and sizes. A rechargeable battery nets you up to 6 hours of audio playback or voice calls and can be quickly juiced up via the included charging cable.

As with all AndroidArea deals, this one won’t last forever. Grab your pair today and take advantage of free shipping.

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  1. Do they need that wire to work?

    1. Yes. That’s what I find so ironic about some of these “wireless” headsets. They still feature a wire for you to snag and tangle. Yay.

        1. Those look awesome @TheScientists:disqus! Thanks for the link. A bit pricey for me but maybe one day, if they seem to get good reviews…

        2. Those look nice

    2. I’m surprised nobody has come up with a set where one earbud connects via bluetooth to the phone/device and then wirelessly transmits the signal needed to the other earbud. It’s probably hard due to the extra battery drain.

  2. I have a pair of these…

    1. How do you like them? Sound quality, battery life, features?

      1. They work in a pinch.

        Sound is ok at best.

        Battery life is short, don’t expect to use them for 8 hours straight. Even if you could, they aren’t overly comfortable. I think they are rated as 4 hours.

        I have big ears, I can pick up satellite signals big. They don’t stay in my ears very well and the plastic ear attachments are near worthless. The corners of the headset rub against my ear making them less comfortable.

        The mic is acceptable, better than some I have used.

        I do like the voice cues for powering on and connecting.

        Button placement is odd, the power button rests against the outer ear. Volume buttons are difficult to get to.

        Overall, they are usable. They are not my goto headsets, more used in a pinch/backup set. Don’t expect them to stay in while jogging or doing anything with a lot of movement.

        Putting the cord behind the neck will pull on the headset when you move, causing the headset to rub against the ear. However having it dangle under your chin won’t catch the headset if they fall out of your ear.

        The last thing I will mention, proprietary charger. Not a fan of that.

        Primarily I bought these to tie me over/back up my purchase of another bluetooth headset I was waiting to go on sale. My primary set are the LG Tone + that I got on sale for $50.

        Are these worth $25? Yes, but know you are getting a $25 pair of headsets, not $100 pair.

        Would I buy them again at $25? Yes.

        Would I pay more? No.

        1. Well dang, considering I have the LG Tone (unsure of how it differs from the Tone+) and find them pretty likable, I wish I had read this before I bought the TOCC’s. Oh well, at least it’s only $25.

          1. You won’t hate them. You will wait about a month for them to show up though. :D

          2. Eh, I’m in no rush, I primarily use the Tone for when I’m jogging or whatever outside and with winter setting in, I’m more or less confined to the treadmill for the time being, which means I can just flip on the stereo in my house.

            You seem to know a thing or two about headphones, you got any suggestions for ear buds that will stay in my ear canals? I dunno if I have funny-sized ear holes or what but it seems like I can never find a pair of ear buds that stay relatively secure in my ears which is kind of annoying.

          3. I have a pair of Klipisch S4i Rugged wired earbuds I purchased from Woot. They are very comfortable, I forget I have them in, and they stay in my ears. The only issue, I own a Android phone and these are designed for iPhones (volume controls do not work on Android, play pauses or mutes). They are perfect for use with my MacBook on conference/video calls.

            I can’t stand using BT headsets with video, the audio never matches the video, especially in movies.

            As far as BT Buds, the best I have tried so far are the Tone+ (rated 15 hours talk/10 hours music – I have listened to streaming radio for well past 10 hours and still had battery left) previously mentioned.

            I also have a pair of Photive (PH-BTH3) BT/Wired over the ear headphones I use for watching movies (wired) on my tablet or listening to music/radio when I am just hanging around the house. They are also great for air travel. The mic on them is pretty iffy, but I didn’t get them to handle that purpose. Also the mic does not work wired. They are good for 18 hours battery.

  3. they technically aren’t wireless

    1. Well then technically there probably isn’t really a wireless headset out there since most of them have the wire running through the headband which this doesn’t have.

  4. kinovo bt wireless foldable headset same price on amazon. i love em

  5. I’m assuming this will work with the MOTO360 correct?

    1. it works with the G Watch, so I would assume yes.

  6. I’ll stick with my Tone Infinum’s…

  7. Being a geek, I try to do some research before buying things online. Unfortunately these buds are not on Amazon, but I did find two of their other products.

    This bendy charging cable, which had only two 1-star reviews:

    And this portable charger, what a gem; you will notice that every 5 star review except 1 was made on February 9 & 10th, and none are Verified purchases, and they’re all really short, meaning they’re likely all fake and posted by the company:

    I haven’t heard of this manufacturer so I Googled “toccs review”. The first three results were not very inspiring. 16 reviews on Webreputations – unanimously 1 star complaints:

    ResellerRatings has 11 reviews, 10 of which are 1 star. One is 5 stars, and she even admits receiving the wrong product.

    Last is the Better Business Bureau. Toccs of Lawrenceville, GA is not BBB accredited, and their rating is a perfect F on a scale from A+ to F. Lowest rating possible. That’s due to 44 complaints about delivery issues and problems with their product/service:

    There seems so be a lot of other websites selling these buds as their own “Deal of the Day”, so it appears to be part of an affiliate marketing network.

    I post lots of negative comments on this site, but I really am a big Phandroid. It’s my most used app, I check it a few times a day, tell my friends about it, and I’m a paid subscriber. If the subscription were twice the price, I’d pay it. In this particular case though, given the information above, I’d stay away from these earbuds.

    But do your own research. Caveat emptor.

    1. well done sir

  8. Why is this app messing up all my links on a phone? They look fine on the desktop.

  9. The only reviews I’ve been able to find for these are on web sites that are also selling them. I’ll pass, thank you.

  10. Like others I cant find any info about this anywhere, other than other sites selling them at the exact same discounts and some people talking about how horrible this company is.

    1. See my post below, I’ve provided all the info I could find.

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