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Android and Halloween go hand-in-hand, from its candy-themed operating systems fit for trick-or-treating to a great selection of apps and games filled with gore-y good fun. Whether you are looking for a last-minute costume idea, carving your pumpkin, or looking for a few scares, here are our top ticks.

Creep out your costume


If you’re still searching for the perfect Halloween costume, we have the app for you. Digital Dudz is a free app offering animations that can transform a boring costume into the talk of the party. Designed to match up with a set of pre-fab costumes, shirts, and masks available for sale through the app as well as the Digital Dudz site, the free animations can also be creatively paired with your existing Halloween getup. If you are feeling really crafty, you can DIY a custom shirt or mask for any number of shifty eyes, beating hearts, or oozing wounds available via the app for a true fright.

Bonus: Digital Dudz extends its usefulness through the winter holidays with animations perfect for that tacky sweater-themed Christmas party.


If dressing up isn’t your thing, you can still spook your friends and families by going full zombie…with the aid of your smartphone, of course. The Dead Yourself app uses your smartphone’s camera to transform you into the living dead, no zombie bites necessary. With gore and guts inspired by the hit TV show The Walking Dead the zombie apocalypse is coming to a social media feed near you.


For a more subtle take on Halloween flair, accessorize any costume or outfit with your Android Wear-powered smartwatch and the glowing Jack-o-Lantern Watch Face. The orange glow of this eerie pumpkin face really brings out the spirit of the season.

Carve the perfect pumpkin (or avoid the mess entirely)


Come Halloween time we often take pumpkin carving for granted, overlooking the ghastly reality that the process involves gutting the gourd, scraping out its insides, and slicing into its face with a knife fit for Michael Myers. Respect this autumnal sacrifice by putting a bit of time and effort into creating a pumpkin masterpiece. With the Pumpkin Carving Ideas loaded on your smartphone inspiration is only a few taps away, including a wide selection of pre-made patterns and stencils.


You’ve finished carving your great pumpkin, but can’t find a candle. Here’s a trick for getting that spooky glow: download Jack-o-Lantern Flashlight, a flashlight app that doubles as a safe, flame-free method of illuminating your creative carvings. As a bonus, this one makes a great seasonal flashlight app to guide the way while trick-or-treating with the little ones.

pumpkin-maker If you prefer to avoid the mess or if you would like to practice your ideas before committing to pumpkin, check out Halloween Pumpkin Carver. For an option providing a bit more room for creativity (it’s been a while since we have seen a blue pumpkin) you might consider Pumpkin Maker.

Lose sleep with these scary games


Halloween is as much about the costumes, decorations, candy, and parties as it as about giving you a reason to leave the lights on a bit longer or check twice under the bed. Give yourself a scare with Murder Room, the Android game that places you in the middle of a Saw-like scenario where you must escape the grasp of a serial killer by solving the puzzles put in front of you. The simple presentation makes the frightening ambiance of Murder Room all the more intense.

The Walking Dead game Android

If you like your scares with a bit more story, you might not want to walk away from the addictive gameplay of The Walking Dead: Season 2. This adventure title presents a whole new chapter in The Walking Dead story and confronts the player with plenty of life or death decisions along the way. Did we mention there are zombies? Newcomers might want to start with Season One, also available on Android.

To really get your adrenaline pumping visit The Abandoned School. This psychological survival horror game is in the style of the Japanese originals like Silent Hill and Resident Evil and is sure form the basis of your future nightmares.

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