Check your email: first wave of Inbox by Gmail invites are going out now


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Yesterday we told you guys about Inbox by Gmail, Google’s new app that looks to make sense out of electronic mail by infusing it with Google Now-like functionality. More of a productivity app, it wasn’t available to the public, requiring would-be users send an email in order to receive an invite.

Inbox invite email

Well, for anyone who sent one off, Google is now notifying early adopters that that they can now sign into the app using their standard Gmail account login. Pretty much everyone who we’ve talked to that requested an invite yesterday has received theirs, so it’s looking like a pretty big first batch of invites are being sent out.

Anyone who emailed Inbox yesterday not receive their invite yet?

Chris Chavez
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  1. That’s funny. I just got mine 15 min ago.

    1. Me to

  2. I requested one yesterday and still haven’t got one.

  3. I requested one yesterday and still haven’t got it.

  4. I requested yesterday too. No email as of yet. :(

  5. I haven’t, but I sent it late at night.

  6. Posted in yesterday’s thread, got mine about a half hour ago.
    Anyone know anything about getting invites to give out?

    And just think, some of the same people who chided OnePlus will no doubt be asking for invites for this……..

    1. The site says you hit the red plus button and select “send invite.” Hope that helped. If so I’d take an invite as a reward…

      1. THX, I’ll check it out……

      2. Didn’t see the “send invite” pop-up.
        Must be too soon….. .

    2. Saw something about it taking 1-2 days before you can send out invites.

      1. THX Chris!

      2. Correct. We should get 3 invites to hand out tomorrow at some point.

    3. Can I have an invite, please! [email protected]

  7. Requested 2 days ago — no email.

  8. No email yet. Hopefully soon

  9. Still waiting

  10. I haven’t gotten mine, can anyone please invite me? [email protected]

  11. I haven’t gotten it yet, although I did request it just a day before this news came out.

  12. Please send me an invite, Vblok0910@

  13. Let me in! I swear I’m always last in on these things.

  14. Not I.

    It’s alright, Google… we cool. We cool. I promise.

    1. Lol. Sorry to hear.

    2. After all I’ve done for them… *sniff*

  15. Nope, no invite.

  16. Got mine, but I can’t invite anyone else yet

  17. No invite as of yet either. I requested one fairly early yesterday. Please send me an invite if anyone has the capabilities. Thanks

  18. No invite but I requested yesterday.

  19. Sent the invite out today. Didn’t know they we’re sending them out today!

  20. Got it about 30 minutes ago & I’ve uninstalled the Gmail app. It’s really that much nicer & easier to use

    1. Please send me an invitation! Please please!

  21. Got mine! Really digging it, it’s a beautiful app. Whether it can replace gmail or not will take a few days to tell…

    1. If possible; could you send an invite @ [email protected] if you have a spare

    2. Ditto for [spammygreg at gmail], please. And thanks for commenting on the app itself :-)

  22. Nothing here, requested yesterday.

  23. Got mine. I’m seriously thinking about dropping the gmail app.

  24. Downloading now.

  25. Hope mine comes through soon :-/

  26. Not yet.

  27. pls inv me. [email protected]

  28. nothing yet :(

  29. Nope

  30. I sent my Email the 2nd still nothing heard back.

  31. Total side note, am I the only one that has difficulty with Phandroid’s app. I’m using a Nexus 5 & 7, when I try to open the comments, it crashes. (Currently) it’s my 7 that will NOT open this. It’s just odd since this app is the last one I’d suspect of incomparability and it happens regularly. Sorry, carry on.

  32. Haven’t got mine..

  33. Haven’t got mine…

  34. I sent out an email yesterday morning and still haven’t gotten an invite as well.

  35. If somebody would please send me an invite out would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to review this app for my blog.

  36. No invite for me yet! Requested very early! Thanks Google! Ughh

  37. I really hate the fact I have to beg Google for invites all the time! I am 100% Googlefied no Crapple or MS products at all! Anyone spare an invite would be greatly appreciated! [email protected] thanks!

  38. Nope. Not yet.

  39. “Pretty much everyone” got their invite?


    Sent mine “late” at around 4pm, though. (Should’ve got bonus points for having a gmail account since day1, and pinging their servers with the Inbox app)

  40. Nope not yet… send off yesterday Lunch time GMT..

  41. I heard about this app on the radio

  42. Sent my email at 10/22 429ET…still waiting for my invite

  43. Sent mine on 10/22. Still waiting….

  44. I did not get an invite yet. And I sent in a request right away.

  45. Please, invite me on [email protected]. Thanks

  46. Got my invite, installed it and used it on PC via Chrome and on my Jellybean Android phone. Kinda weird. Hard to get used to. New paradigm shift. kinda like going from old Yahoo Mail to Old “beta” Gmail (archiving instead of deleting, etc.)

  47. All requesting invites. Email. Google at [email protected]

  48. What has two thumbs and no invite yet?

    This guy.

  49. please, need a invite

  50. I sent request 2 days ago and still waiting… if someone feels nice send one my way. :)

  51. Don’t bother, you’re not missing much. Ugly UI, Chrome only, lacks polish. Got one and was bored within two seconds and uninstalled within 5 seconds.

    Just another tech company trying to fix something that isn’t broken and making things more complex in the process.

    1. I’m sorry, but by saying you u installed it within 5 second just makes you seem stupid. You can’t truly judge an app (or anything for that matter) after 5 seconds.

  52. Still haven’t gotten mine.

  53. got a couple invites….shoot me your email

    1. [email protected], please send an invite, thanks

    2. duuuuuude! [email protected]

    3. sent all out

    4. davidraph at

    5. Ajitkpatel at, jamn424 at thanks brother in advance.

  54. Patience young Padawans.

  55. [email protected] if anyone has some extra invites. Thanks in advance.

  56. If anyone has an invite could you please send me one. [email protected]

  57. I would love an invite as well if anyone has any [email protected]

  58. Yay. I got one!

  59. I didn’t get one.

  60. Please invite
    [email protected]

  61. emailed them on wednesday. till now no invites yet!!

  62. Would love an invite if someone has, Ajitkpatel at, jamn424 at thanks in advance.

  63. Would anyone be so nice and send me an invite? I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance. bujdulasergiu at Gmail dot com

  64. send me an invite too please?

  65. Would be thankful for an invite. [email protected]

  66. I found a way around the whole invites and you don’t need to use any invites you can give access to anyone as often as you want. Read about it here
    If you need help tweet me @marcheuberger or email me via my site. It works 100% check my Twitter if you don’t believe me.

  67. Would be so thankful for an invite, please [email protected]

  68. If anyone has one to spare I’d take an invite! Would very much appreciate it!

    cmisak@g….. you can guess the rest ;)

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