Android Wear update brings support for offline GPS and Music; Verizon begins Sony SmartWatch 3 pre-sales


sony smartwatch 3 2

Android Wear just got a whole lot better today for those who don’t fancy having their smart watches hooked up to their phones 24/7. First up is support for internal GPS radios. Unfortunately all currently available Android Wear watches don’t have GPS radios inside them, though the newly-announced Sony SmartWatch 3 will. Speaking of which, Verizon is now taking pre-orders for the smart watch $250. It should ship beginning October 30th, while it’s expected to find its way into the Google Play Store sometime shortly after its Verizon launch.

Also staying true to the “offline” theme for this update is support for storing tracks directly on your smart watch through Google Play Music. This will allow you to break out the Bluetooth headphones and listen to tracks from your watch without even having your phone near you. Of course, limited storage for smart watches means you won’t be able to haul a huge library of tunes on your wrist but it’s nice for those short workout playlists you may want to enjoy on a morning jog or two.

The update is headed to Android Wear smart watches over the course of the next few days, including the LG G Watch, the Motorola Moto 360 and the Samsung Gear Live. The new music features require a simple upgrade to your Google Play Music app, while the new GPS goods can be tried out on the forthcoming SmartWatch 3 with apps like MyTracks and Golfshots.

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  1. This update is awesome, but also makes me feel like Google is trying to tell me I need to start running and working out as these features do nothing for me right now. Touche Google. Touche.

    1. Big Brother knows best, Derek.

    2. says the man with google glasses 8-)

  2. What about SD card slots for these watches and GPS standard?? Have it semi functional semi independently

  3. I have ZERO interest in these smartwatches, they are all way, way overpriced!!!

  4. Sony SW3 or LG GWR … Hmmm. Will wait for reviews.

  5. Add a Sim so a phone is not needed at all. And make it big and heavy like a Rolex so it can last for 3 days. And enable voice commands so no typing is needed. Then this will be an interesting platform..

  6. Just got an LG G Watch from the Cowboom $70 sale posted here last week.
    All I can say is MEH,glad I only spent $70 to find out what all the fuss ANDROID WEAR isn’t about.
    I’ll wear it occasionally,but,for my use,I’ll stick w/the Samsung Gear2 as my daily driver.
    Lots more of the functionality I look for in a watch in the Gear2,not to mention a LOT better battery life.

    1. What does the Gear2 have feature wise over it?

      1. A camera & ability to make phone calls w/o a BLUETOOTH headset.
        Those may be a meh to some, but, having an I-R Blaster on a watch is actually pretty cool & useful.

  7. Maps doesn’t work without the phone? Lame.

  8. This will be a great deal for anyone who is looking for a GPS sports watch. Something like a Garmin GPS watch is already expensive, with GPS in a smartwatch they can use an app that does everything a sports GPS watch does and then the functionality of a smartwatch too.

  9. I can imagine it, for those who want to go on a jog with only their smart watch and some Bluetooth headphones, being able to store audio on a smart watch is a good start but now, manufactures must create a smart watch with a micro sd card reader. Hooking up my smart watch to a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth car would be a breeze, it would also be amazingly portable.

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