Nexus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shown off in comparison video


Nexus 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 video Carphone Warehouse 2

After giving us the world’s first underwater unboxing, the folks at UK’s Carphone Warehouse are back again, this time with an early hands-on with the phone everyone’s talking about: Motorola and Google’s Nexus 6. More of a quick comparison video, Carphone Warehouse pits the device against the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in a quick spec roundup, another Android phablet looking to give Motorola a run for their money.

Nexus 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 video Carphone Warehouse 1

This actually marks one of the few times we’ve gotten to see the Nexus 6 outside of blurry photo leaks and press renders. What we found interesting was how much noticeably larger the Nexus 6 was in comparison to the Galaxy Note 4. If you’re a phablet lover looking to challenge the constrains of your pockets, then this will be the device for you.

Nexus 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 video Carphone Warehouse 3

While it can be argued that having a stock Android experience is more “beneficial” than a manufacturer UI like TouchWiz, keep in mind that often times stock Android trails behind OEM skins in terms of features. And anyone who’s ever experienced a Samsung device knows there’s certainly no shortage of features (overkill even). Check out the comparison video down below for an early look at the Nexus 6.


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  1. I root for the Note 4! picked one up Friday and couldn’t be happier! Everything about it screams style and performance. For the Nexus, I think the last one looked a lot better.

  2. One error is that the video says the Nexus 6 has an LCD display, when Google says it’s AMOLED (unless it’s different in different markets.)

    1. You can tell from the video that they are both AMOLED or else the Nexus would barely be visible outside. The Note 4 does look a bit more vibrant but they tend to use bigger elements in their ui and more colorful backgrounds, so it’s hard to tell if there is a major difference in the two AMOLED panels in this short video.

  3. Yeah, I sent this tip in days ago.. Glad to see it finally pop up, and someone else get credit.

    1. Sorry had to

      1. Nope, I’m glad people got to see it. I’ve been searching YT for hands-on videos for days, I was surprised to see that video. Such spam and junk on YT right now when you search for the 6 or 9.

    2. Ah right, because surely you’re the only one who could have found a YouTube video and sent it in.

      1. Considering I submitted it minutes after they published it.. I’m such a jerk for trying to share.

        1. Thought this might be appropriate to the situation


  4. If I was in the market for a tablet I’d go with the Nexus over the Note 4.

    1. Lol but seriously I can’t stop holding this phone. Feels so solid and nice. The metal is superb and the plastic texture is so damn soft in the back like a baby’s butt lol. I’m convinced, this is the best of combinations.

  5. That’s a monster, all be it a pretty one. Think ill stick with my Nexus 5 for at least another 12 months

  6. The Moto X design just doesn’t scale up very well – it seems to look bigger than it is. It’s all academic anyway as the market for phablets is much smaller than the market for 4.7-5.0 inch phones.

  7. The curved back of the Nexus 6 is a deal breaker for me. I sometimes check notifications when my Note 3 is on the table… especially since it’s a large phone. Having the Nexus 6 rock on its curved surface is not an appealing feature but it is a beautiful phone.

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    1. To be fair, you can double tap the Nexus 6 screen to turn it on so you could check notifications, but I undeerstand where you’re coming from.

      1. I believe double tap is only on the N9 (HTC feature). The N6 got the always listening feature from Motorola and improved it.

        1. Source please, both of you :-D

      2. I’m certain they’ve done a great job with the design and have a sleek solution to minimize the issue but if you start interacting with the display, it’s going to rock. This is probably a very minor issue for most people but it’s certainly a deciding factor for me.

    2. I actually love the curve for that very reason on my 1st Gen Moto X. Whenever I want to randomly check my notifications, I push down on either side and let the Active notifications do the rest. It doesn’t mindlessly rock or anything, but it does make it easier to let my phone know I’m interested in my notifications.

      1. I see your point but if you want to interact with display, it will rock. Personally, I like to interact with my phone while it’s placed on a table.

        Synergy Mobile Bridge: http://youtu.be/IO_XB-Vaiik

    3. I hate the curved back too… would prefer a more flat surface

      1. I’d say “I agree” but then I’d be agreeing with you, agreeing with me :) The curve does a good job at making it look thinner near the edges which gives it the appearance that it’s not as thick. The Nexus 6 is a great industrial design but I just can’t get past the curved back pertaining to function.

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  8. 2 things

    1.) the nexus 6 is huge, and why it only has 13 mp camera and no OIS is a mystery for me especially at the $650 price point, the front facing speakers are sweet though.

    2.) The Note 4 has a better screen better camera and expandable storage, BUT, (and its a HUG but) its basically un-hackable. If you are on any other carrier besides T-Mobile it comes completely locked down and there is very little hope it will ever get the boot-loader unlocked. Also from what I have read once Android L comes out for it, even root may be impossible.

    1. The Nexus 6 does have OIS. And the screen quality argument can be subjective since quite a few people don’t like the color saturation on Super AMOLED screens, some people just prefer a good IPS LCD.

      1. The colour saturation has been toned down a lot, the standard mode on the Note 4 is more colour accurate now than most IPS displays including Apples.

      2. Lol seriously, you nexus lovers are suppose to be tech savy. Get with the times man… stop being a poser you ain’t a geek.

        1. I’m not sure where I was trying to come off as a geek, I was simply pointing out that the Nexus 6 does have OIS and that screen type can come down to preference.

      3. doesn’t the Nexus 6 come with a AMOLED screen also

    2. 1> Why does anyone EVER talk about Megapixels? They aren’t a definitive metric for photo quality. In fact, I’d challenge you to find a phone that actually takes a better photo, printed or displayed on a 24″ screen, than a Nikon D40, which has a 4MP sensor.

      2> The Sprint variant comes with an unlocked bootloader from what I’ve been able to gather. http://www.theandroidsoul.com/root-sprint-galaxy-note-4-sm-n910p/

  9. I’m happy with my new G3. I was just waiting for the confirmation of the N6’s size, and it’s a disappointment. I really wanted to get it.

  10. Why is that moto on the back in grey color and not in white ?

  11. Ok.. now that I see that I say no can do, that is far to much phone. As a matter of fact, they should have just skipped the Nexus 9 as that 6 is essentially a phablet so no need for the 9.

    Man, I HATE this huge phone trend. Hate it. This is why, I think the Z3 is my next phone.

    ps – is the guy in the background as mad as I am about these big arse phones?

  12. Aesthetically both pretty hideous phones.

  13. Nexus 6 it is

  14. How can you compare the batteries saying they’re identical without stressing that the Note’s battery is removable? You can’t carry around a second battery for the Note. And three years from now, when the lithium battery is worn out* after these devices have become hand-me-downs or whathaveyou, buying a new battery for the Note will be trivial. Replacing the Nexus’ battery will at a minimum involve some disassembly and prying the battery out of its glue . . .

    No mention of the micro-SD card slot is a big oversight as well, in my opinion.

    * Having a second battery for the Note also means in three years it will have undergone half the recharge cycles that the Nexus will have undergone, so you won’t even need to replace its battery then.

  15. Why make a 32-bit phone for a 64-bit OS … i’m confused on this one about nexus.

    Other than that, used note 2 and Currently using 3. Kinda bored with the phone design and boring UI (using Nova to keep my sanity). Though I agree that Nexus 6 would be not match to Note 4’s productivity and the luxury of s-pen. But i’m tilting towards Nexus 6 just because of its vanilla version OS and better design. For any regular phablet user size is not an issue.

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