Android 5.0 Lollipop has a new screen off animation (goodbye CRT)


Android 5.0 Lollipop screen off animation

It’s the end of an era, folks. The long lusted after CRT screen off animation introduced in Nexus devices has now officially been sent out to pasture. As discovered in the latest Android 5.0 Developer build, it’s now been replaced by a sort of fade/zoom effect. CRT… you will be missed.


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  1. That blows

    1. Yea really… Give me CRT back

      1. Many custom launchers can customize the screen off effect. Nova launcher can do this and has the crt effect, and I’m sure there will be a compatible version for lollipop.

        1. Most likely Xposed will have a module. Love my GPE launcher.

  2. I like the old way.

  3. I’m just gonna use xposed to get it back…

    1. Xposed isn’t working with ART and wont for the moment. To bad !

      1. Technically it is, rovo89 just hasn’t released it to the public yet because he doesn’t want people to make modules for it and then end up broken after the final release.

        I expect maybe mid November before we get a working version.

        1. That’s also why I haven’t updated my M8 ROM. I’m still running an out of date version because the next ROM uses ART and I’d lose all my stuff xPosed stuff. =.[

  4. LG g3 lets me choose between retro tv, black hole, or fade out. :) gotta love choices, although I wish you could add even more

    1. They should make an API for this so developers can make their own and release as apps in the Play Store!

  5. I haven’t seen the old CRT fade out since the galaxy nexus!

    1. i have one now on my G3.

    2. CRT is the stock fade out on the Nexus 5.

      1. I believe most people “disable” it by changing the animation speed in the developer options in order to save battery. I for the same reason haven’t seen it since my galaxy nexus first arrived and nkwnim using Nexus 5

  6. Does anybody remember when cell phones weighted 4 lbs change is good.

    1. I currently do not have a pickaxe embedded in my skull. Changing that would most decidedly *not* be good.

      Change *can* be good and fearing it just because it’s different is not wise. But calling all change good isn’t all that wise either.

      1. It doesn’t say all changes.But one thing for sure people will get over it

        1. In any case I don’t think this is even something people will have to get over. I’m betting it’ll take about a week until somebody finds a way to get it back if they want it.

    2. I remember when most phones were easily usable with one hand and could fit comfortably in a front pocket. I’m not happy about that change.

  7. They are removing the CRT animation, but can’t give us the option of dark themed (stock) apps…. Way to go Google.

    1. Yeah. I really miss the dark theme.

  8. It does this on my galaxy s5 I don’t see what the big deal is

    1. It is Android flare going by the wayside. That’s all.

  9. Do.Not.Like. It was always one of the nifty ways android/google stood out with little bits of flair; this looks so bland in comparison.

    1. Agreed, this animation looks too much like the one in iOS. I think they should have kept the CRT style animation, but perhaps given it some extra frames or something to make it smoother in keeping with the new fancy smooth animations that they’re touting in Lollipop.

      1. See but this doesn’t even meet the MININUM pieces of flair! That’s not even trying! Joanna has even got them beat at this point.

  10. yeah, but the image is turned black/white when fading off. it’s a neat effect!

  11. Boo

  12. I was always the oddball, who never liked the CRT animation : /

    1. I’m with you… I like the new one better.

    2. I’ve always preferred the fade out animation instead of the crt one.

  13. Waaaaa? Everyone who used my Nexus really liked the CRT animation. It was a small detail, but agh, oh well.

  14. I want choices!

    I love the CRT animation, but for dynamic notifications like moto x (that fade the screen in and fade it out to black, it was really weird seeing it fade to black and then see the crt animation.
    I’d like options :D

    Though I’m fine with either also xD

    1. Xposed will do it.

  15. Wup!! Found a reason to root. I liked it when people play with my power button just to see the CRT animation. LoL!!

  16. It’s a star in my status bar to the left of my WiFi. I have no idea what that mean.

    1. Priority mode

      1. Thanks, must have been something I turned on while seeing what was new.

    2. Are you running the latest preview build on a Nexus 5? Has Project Volta really made any difference or does the Nexus 5 battery life still suck?

      1. Battery life is better I would say. I’m usually doing something on my phone and it lasts all day.

        1. I hope I get the same results. However, considering just how bad the battery life on my Nexus 5 is I’m pretty skeptical that Lollipop will help enough to make it not suck.Currently at 80% with 3.5 hours off charger and 20 minutes screen on time. That is with lowest possible brightness, no GPS, no bluetooth, wifi for 3 of the 3.5 hours, no gaming, no video streaming, no music streaming. Just a little Facebook and browsing.

          Are you getting similar results with similar usage?

          1. I can’t see how long I’ve been off the charger. I can see how much time I have left. I took it off the charger this morning around 7:30 EST. It’s a 51% now.

          2. Yeah, I noticed in screenshots and videos that the battery stats no longer tell you exactly how long the phone has been on battery. The closest you can get is the graph that shows about what time it was taken off battery.

            In your case that seem like about 10 hours on battery. What was your screen on time? Brightness setting? On wifi? What type of usage? Power heavy things like gaming, GPS, video streaming or lighter things like just browsing.

            Thanks for any more info you can give. I appreciate it.

          3. I have everything on. GPS on high accuracy. My browsing is Phandroid, AP, IGN and Yahoo. I switch between those sites constantly. Should just download the apps lol. A little bit of streaming but videos are choppy at best. I would say I’m a medium user.

  17. Running the new L preview now and I really like it. The CRT was nice but the new fade fits a lot better with the smooth transitions/animations that are all over the system now.

    1. Sadly I agree, but CRT was cooler! I little bit more zoom out effect should have been added to the new one though!

  18. Doesn’t seem to work on my phone. I see some animation going on at the top of the article, but when I click to see the whole thing it’s just a static image.

    1. just fading out to black.

    2. Yeah, the Phandroid app is always a bit off with images. Seems its even worse for Gifs. I just opened it in my browser and it was fine. A bit of a pain though.

  19. I’ll wait for the CyanogenMod 12 with our CRT animation.

  20. Noooooooooooooo!

    Someone please upload no gifs.. Preferably from The Office, Darth Vader & Cesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Thanks in advance..

    p.s. f*** you google :'(

  21. Just a extra battery drain to me. Why not just turn off when I press the button.

    1. Are you on crack or something? Not sure how a simple animation will add to your so called battery drain, only poorly coded apps have this “issue”

      1. It’s simple logic, you turn off your phone screen and it stays on for a half second longer, the screen on time alone would be extra drain, not to mention the processing power required. It’s unnecessary for me, because I don’t watch the animation like apparently you do every time I turn off my phone.

        1. It looks cool. The power used is extremely small. Say you turn your phone screen off 100 times a day (which would be a lot) at a half second each time that is still less than a minute of added screen on time over the entire day. I’m not even going to notice 1 less minute of battery life.

      2. The screen will kill your battery faster than even the most poorly coded app.

    2. So you’d rather have half a second of extra battery life instead of a nice animation?

      1. It’s more than half a second, in my case it’s probably at least a few minutes. I don’t care what my phone looks like when I press the power button because at that point I’m not looking at it anymore. If a nice animation is what I’m looking for I’ll fire up Netflix and watch Bob’s Burgers.

        1. A few minutes to turn the screen off? That seems pretty unlikely no matter what shutdown effect you’re using.

          1. A few minutes of battery life, not a few minutes to turn off the screen.

          2. i find even that doubtful, but if a couple of minutes over the course of a day really makes a difference you’re living real close to the edge.

        2. How does it last a few minutes?

          Also, did you really use “good animation” to refer to Bob’s Burgers? Lol. Not only is the animation terrible it is the least funny Sunday night animated show Fox has ever had. I really don’t understand how that show is still on.

  22. I usually switch to fade off anyway

    1. What do you mean you usually switch to fade off? Nexus devices don’t even give the option to change the screen off animation.

      1. Custom ROMs, Xposed? ;)

        1. My mistake. I thought you meant you were doing that on a stock Nexus device.

          1. Oh, I’m not the one you were replying to :)
            Just a random Phandroid user

  23. This has been available with custom ROMs and Xposed modules for a while now. Once again Google copies what independent devs have done and gets credit for it. Google is becoming more like Apple every day.

    1. Independent developers came up with the CRT effect before Google? That’s strange. I didn’t know XPosed or custom ROMs really existed 5 years ago.

      1. No. The Fade out effect that is the point of this article, not the CRT effect. You really couldn’t understand that?

        1. I would say the point of the article is that CRT is now gone and replaced by something less unique. I didn’t know custom ROM developers invented fading out, seems like a genetic effect IMO. I highly doubt Google went out of their way to rip off a ROM. Roms are actually only possible because Google gives them the source code that allows them to tweak things. Becoming more like apple is an absurd comment.

    2. The CRT animation was introduced in Gingerbread.

  24. CRT is much much nicer. Whatever, though.

  25. I always thought the crt effect was a CM thing originally.

  26. Noooooooooooooo

    Guess there will be mods up in 5 minutes on Xda to fix this Apple animation back to the CRT one.

  27. bloody hate the CRT

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