Watch the Android Lollipop statue go up on Google’s lawn [VIDEO]


Lollipop statue

It wouldn’t be the launch of a new version of Android without the unveiling of the corresponding statue. For those of you unfamiliar with this tradition, Google has statues for every version of Android on the lawn in front of building 44. Every dessert from cupcake to KitKat has been captured in the form of a statue, and now it’s Android 5.0 Lollipop’s turn.

The statue is simply a green bugdroid holding a lollipop while making a “peace” sign. Google has used the same bugdroid their new “Be Together. Not the same.” campaign videos, and in all of their social media logos. We expected to see something more like a lollipop with eyes and antennas, but this is cool too. Check out the video below to see the unveiling of the statue on Google’s campus.

UPDATE: Post has been updated with the official video below.

[via Alex Ruiz]

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  1. Lol … All I see is how upset the guy with tripod is when he is about to take shot and two guys came and stand in front of him :D

  2. Vertical video syndrome.

    1. You would think that by now people would know how to properly shoot a video.

    2. Had the videographer used the Google Camera app, it would have reminded them to turn the phone.

  3. It’s like time moves faster at Google

  4. Why cant I see a link to the video on the phandroid android app? D: Idk how to watch the video

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