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Do you use a flashlight app? Some of them may be doing scammy things in the background. Are all reviewers anti-Android? Should you buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4? What’s the best keyboard app with Emoji? All of these discussions, and more, can be found in the top posts from Android Forums this week!

Flashlight app woes


The makers of the flashlight app “Brightest Flashlight Free” recently settled in court after having sold user’s personal information to advertisers. Other flashlight apps have been accused of scammy practices in the past, too. Flashlight apps are extrememly common among Android users, but are they all safe? Discuss this scary topic in this thread.

Are most reviewers anti-Android?

Apple iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha

Member “sreum” took to the forums to rant about device comparison reviews. He argues that whenever a comparison is done between an Android flagship and an Apple device the reviewer almost always gives the edge to Apple. Even if the Android device has better specs. Other forum members argue that opinions differ, and sometimes specs don’t matter as much. What do you think?

How to setup a new Android phone

samsung galaxy s4 airview

A first time Android user asked for some help in setting up contacts for the first time, and general tips for Android devices. He wonders about creating a Google account to store contacts, and how to back them up. Forum members have also been giving the new users a bunch of great tips for what to do with a new Android device. Hop in and help out the newest member of the Android Army.

Emoji on Android

Galaxy S5 emoji

iPhone users like to brag about emoji, but they aren’t the only ones who can use those cute icons. A forum member asked if it was possible to get emoji on Android, and of course it is! Some users have recommended SwiftKey and the Google Keyboard to get the best emoji experience. If you have other suggestions be sure to chime in in this thread!

Galaxy Note 4 or Xperia Z3v?


Forum member “rushmore” is trying to decide if he should get the Galaxy Note 4. He already pre-ordered it from Best Buy, but is still debating the pros and cons. He’s also interested in the newly announced Sony Xperia Z3v. “rushmore” lays out some very good points for both arguments. If you have an opinion be sure to let him know!

That wraps things up from this week. There are always numerous great discussions happening in the forums. Remember to sign up for an account if you don’t have one already, and check back next week for more of the best from Android Forums!

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  1. The flashlight issue is old news. You guys even had an article months/years ago.

    1. And all you have to do is find one that has no permissions. Like TeslaLED. When I was looking at them I think I went through a dozen that requested phone states, contacts, keyboard, etc when they didn’t need it. And the good ones even explain WHY they need specific apps.

      Pretty much all they ever need is camera, flash and sleep permissions.

      1. Google should clamp down on flashlight apps with excessive permissions though. The one in question has so many fake 5-star reviews that it misleads people (naive as they may be) into thinking it’s trustworthy. I had to flag it, and others should too. It needs to be removed.

        I use Droidlight by Motorola, though it doesn’t prevent the phone from sleeping, so once the screen times out, so does the light. Small issue, since I use a high timeout time (10 minutes).

        1. Only issue is there are some cases, where there are added features, that use it. Like those that also add it to your ringing events, etc. Not that I am a fan of that at all, but there are some who legitimately need more permissions to provide added functionality.

          But its really always been the case for Android. You get the flexibility but you have to pay attention to what the application is asking for. Its really the case for any app. And if they are asking for a permission that isnt obvious and they dont explain why they need it then its a no go for me.

  2. I have the same phone dilemma. So far the Z3V is winning…

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