Nexus 5’s battery draining camera bug will finally be fixed in Android L once and for all


Nexus 5 camera

Thought to have been addressed in Android 4.4.3, the Nexus 5’s nasty “mm-qcamera-daemon” bug back in Android 4.4.2 appears to be alive and well in current Android builds.

Originally highlighted in Google’s issue tracker back in March, the bug made short work of batteries after causing CPU usage to skyrocket. Like many, we had hoped the patches in Android 4.4.3 would have completely squashed the bug, but as it turns out, it’s still very much present in a few Nexus 5s.

Once again, Google has chimed in on the issue (60058), officially marking the issue as fixed (internally anyway). They’re promising all will be made well in the next major Android release for the Nexus 5 (Android L), but only as it relates to the Nexus 5. Devices like the Moto G or Samsung Galaxy S5 will still require an update from their respective OEMs to fix the problem, wherever it may arise.

The good news is we’re expecting Android L to officially roll out later this month, so it shouldn’t be much longer. Special shout out to the guy on Google Issue Tracker who tried to get pry a solid release date “for the next major Android release” from Google. Can’t blame you for trying.

[Google Issue Tracker]

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  1. This is taking forever…

    1. I’m hoping the update fixes exchange issues on the N5, fixing the battery drain was great but being able to use the stock email app again would be even better.

  2. No Nexus Leak today #Sadday

  3. I’ll be fixing that battery drain by buying the Nexus 6

  4. Maybe that’s what that “36% battery life increase” was in Android L(ow-Fat Pudding)

    1. Gross. Fat pudding is better.

  5. What about the Nexus 4’s Camera reset bug? That’s been there for a few versions now.

  6. Why did it take a year to fix though? Doesn’t inspire much confidence in the Nexus line, IMHO.

  7. So in June, Google(I/O) announced android “L” before Apple did their IOS 8.0. Apple is on their way to put out 8.1 but Google has not yet given date for Android “L” release and we are in October. Hope, it happens before the end of 2014.

  8. How can one of the “top 5 android phones” have all these problems in addition to a poor camera and no SD card and still be in the top 5? And how can a phone being sold as the “first” to get updated have to wait months for a fix for a battery drain issue? What flavor cools aid is everyone drinking?

    1. it has a good no-contract price.

    2. Because a N5 still has a smoother, more responsive UX than a bloated G3 out of the box.

  9. Many Nexus 4/5 smartphone users have suffered through bugs that never properly got addressed. So, why one thinks new Nexus 6 with android L will be any better. History tend to repeat on good and bad side.

  10. I had this ptoblem when I installed Clean master. Solution is unistalling of that app. Some apps will active mm-qcamera process… Good Luck

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