Sep 11th, 2014

htc one m8 wm_6

It wasn’t long ago that we got a glimpse at a smartwatch-like device on a desk at HTC HQ. Several other leaks pointed to an Android Wear device coming from the Taiwanese company. Unfortunately those rumors were put to rest by reports stating HTC had scrapped plans for the device. The reports claimed HTC did not feel they could compete in the emerging wearable market. We find that hard to believe.

CNET is now reporting that sources familiar with HTC say they plan to release a smartwatch in early 2015. They go on to say hat HTC is making sure their device stands out from the crowd. We would expect no less from HTC. HTC originally claimed they could not compete right now, but waiting until 2015 puts them up against the Apple Watch. HTC will not only need to stand out from other Android OEMs, but also Apple. Waiting this long to get their foot in the door could be a major misstep.

Are you interested in a HTC smartwatch? What would they need to do to take your attention away from current devices? Is next year too late in the game for HTC to have success with Android Wear?


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