Bootloader unlocked Moto X coming to Moto Maker, will get Android updates the quickest


If you don’t know what an unlocked bootloader means, you need to spend more times on Android Forums. If you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, just ask Motorola. But for those who already fiend unlocked bootloaders, you’ll be happy to hear that not only will you soon be able to buy a new Moto X 2014 with an unlocked bootloader, but it will be available through Moto Maker.


This means, we presume, that these bootloader unlocked Moto X devices will have access to all the customization options enjoyed by their fellow Moto Maker brethren.

While it was previously possible to purchase a “Developer Edition Moto X” through the Motorola website, it was separate from Moto Maker and available only one black and white design. Albeit a very nice looking and special woven version of the Moto X, but it somewhat took away from the Moto X’s deeply anchored spirit of customization.

Another benefit of buying the bootloader unlocked version of the new Moto X? It’ll get all the Android updates first… and fast! These are details we heard directly from the Motorola team at their HQ, so unless something was lost in translation or the communicationetz got tangled, you can be sure it’s legit. We’re still eagerly awaiting further details and will report back with anything more of interest as soon as we find out.

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  1. That is amazing news. I’m getting this without a doubt.

    1. Agreed. Can’t wait to order this bad boy in a few hours.

      1. I just need to sell my…. (don’t throw pitchforks at me) …iPhone to buy this!

        1. One of us, one of us!

        2. Everyone loves a convert, only hugs for that, not pitchforks. Welcome to the club. :D

      2. in a few hours?

  2. HTC take notes that is how you put front facing speakers without big bezel.

    1. I thought of the same thing when I saw the Moto X….HTC can make all the excuses they want on why that black bar is there instead of putting the boom sound speakers directly behind the display, but I ain’t buying it.

  3. I’m starting to wish I would’ve waited before ordering the G3 now

    1. Lol haven’t there been numerous warnings not to pre order any new smart device until mid-late September? Patience is a virtue :)

      1. And there’s still the Nexus Shamu to look forward to in October…

  4. Good thing my OnePlus One does the same thing, for 150 less.

    1. Yea get 4.4.4 a full two months after release, while Motorola devices got updates before the nexus 4

      1. Oh yeah, I just couldn’t wait to get 4.4.4. , considering I came from a Droid 4 , which had like 4.1.4 or something.

  5. Moto X is definitely interesting, I like a lot of things about it. I wish it had wireless charging though. Either way, I’m waiting to see what the upcoming Nexus phone will be before buying anything new.

  6. If the new Nexus doesn’t meet my needs, I’ll definitely be getting this baby.

  7. Non-removable battery and no MicroSD slot makes this phone dead in the water for me. Not willing to sacrifice fundamental and needed phone features that go back over a decade.

    1. I understand how you feel, I sometimes miss battery swapping. The SD slot never used it besides for back ups tho. So I don’t miss that

      1. I would definitely miss being able to make backups that were safe from hardware failure of the device itself. My phone automatically backs up to the external SD card nightly. More than once that full backup has saved the day.

        And when phones eat through a battery faster than you can charge one, being able to pop in a fully-charged battery and get on with your day is critical. I have no desire to be one of those sad saps stuck tethered to a wall outlet because their phone is dead.

        1. The new battery charger sounds like fixes the swap problem, assuming you can get to a charger for 15 minutes

          1. That often is not an option, and even when it is it’s a huge inconvenience. Maybe I’m in a meeting. Maybe I’m traveling. Maybe I’m camping. There are all sorts of reasons. Ever since my first cell phone I’ve kept spare charged batteries. It’s a basic feature of any electronic device with a battery. It was Apple with their stupid iPhone that initiated this anti-consumer tactic and now other manufacturers have followed suit.

          2. Exactly. Every cellphone I have ever owned had a removable battery, dating back to actual cell phones. Now that the phones are smart and can do so much more, to the point that they get used for so many more things, why at that point would you decide to end that feature? It’s totally backwards. And yeah, pretty much anything that runs on a battery let’s you replace the battery, with very few exceptions.

          3. I am surprised that you don’t just carry around a power bank

          4. Because being tethered to a power bank is only slightly less-convenient than being tethered to a wall. It’s exponentially different than just swapping in a fully-charged battery and getting on with things without any cables, tethering, waiting, etc.

          5. I understand that as well you carry multiple batteries I carry multiple phones

        2. To avoid my phone death wall hugging I swap devices, I keep nothing on my phone that needs to be backed up physically

          1. So in order to conform to the new lack of functionality you must endure, you decided to just get less use from your device.

          2. I been carrying two devices for the past year and a half, I am also ROM swap quite a bit . my devices had SD card swappable batteries. I just simply realized I didn’t like extend bulky batteries and never really used my SD card I wouldn’t say I conformed to the lack of extra function. It just I never needed it before, back on devices with under 200mb of ROM SD card was a must. When your devices had only a 1500mah battery yea extras were a must. There is no enduring its just me using my phone.

          3. Well, I haven’t needed to plug my one phone into a charger at all for years, whether home or away. I also currently have about 45gb of stuff on my phone with about 38gb still free. To me, those are two pretty useful features. Are you really saying that if you had more storage you would have no use for it? If you had spare batteries you would stillu just plug your phone into a wall for 2+ hours a day? If the answer is no, then you are doing exactly what I said, getting less for your money and accepting it.

          4. And I have never used extended batteries. Never saw the point. If I can swap batteries why would I want to make my phone super thick just to swap less often.

          5. What phone are you using? I have used a phone with 16 GB of storage and with a 16 gbs SD card the card only held on to backups at most it stayed in my 3ds, it was a holdover from 2011 era phones. I am glad you have use for all that storage but I really don’t . I carry two devices droid ultra and droid mini. Before them droid 3 my touch 4g slide before them atrix HD and Sony xperia tl before them lg motion.

            The artix had a maxx battery that lasted my work day and had me use the most space on my SD card. It had the most ROMs. I often get my devices dirt cheap, the next device I will need to buy will not be for me. But for my fiancé, she needs battery swapping she needs SD card slot as much as she loves her moto X. 32gbs aren’t enough for her so she is getting a Samsung device next and a 64 gb SD card for her needs and wants. That is how I buy my devices, for my needs. I am not paying too much for them and I am not squeamish on opening my devices.

  8. For Verizon?

    1. Unfortunately, what I’ve read is only for GSM/LTE version.

      1. Not to doubt, do you have source?

  9. Same size screen and same processor as Sony Z3 with a battery that is 2300mAh vs 3100mAh on the Sony, and Sony has stamina mode which I thought I’d never use but it’s one of my favorite features now.

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