Sep 4th, 2014


Samsung has an interesting new line of printers for folks whose offices need a bit of an upgrade. This is billed as the world’s first printer powered by Android. Not sure why you’d need Android on a printer? We were lost at first too, but Samsung does propose some very interesting features thanks to the advent of this thing:

  • Preview and print documents from your email, the web and other sources without the need to connect to a networked PC.
  • “Smart UX Center,” which is basically TouchWiz for printers.
  • Scalable development capabilities thanks to the established Android platform’s printing APIs. Compatible with Samsung Cloud Print to print from a smartphone from a remote location.
  • NFC functionality for securely connecting to printers
  • 1GHz dual-core chipset for faster printing

This definitely isn’t something you’d get for an average printing job at home or even school as this is aimed for small and big business, but if your office’s printer has seen better days then this might not be a bad replacement to recommend to your boss. There are 10 different printers in this new series to start, so be sure to look into the specifics of each at the source link to see which one fits your needs the most.

[via Samsung]

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