Sep 4th, 2014


Hold onto your hats — if you aren’t brave enough to be on the Chrome beta channel, then the update headed to the stable channel should bring quite a nice surprise. Google has updated the stable channel with a redesign that’s akin to the Material Design language introduced at Google I/O this past year. The app features a lot of clean lines and smart use of white space. It helps to provide an experience that doesn’t look or feel cluttered.

The layout is pretty familiar to anyone who has used Chrome as their browser over the past couple of years, except it all looks a lot nicer and neater. The new incognito page also received a bit of a face lift, so you can easily tell the difference between regular and incognito tabs. The app also feels 10 times more smooth when scrolling through web pages.

The rollout should be headed to everyone via Google Play, though its staggered process means not everyone will see it right away. Fret not — we’ve got the APK you seek right here. This thing is signed, sealed and delivered straight from Google so install it without any fears and let us know how it’s treating you in the comments below.