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In the market for an Android tablet? Don’t know whether or not you should wait? With the summer behind us and IFA 2014 kicking off this week, now is precarious time to be in the market. Here are our picks for the best slates currently available and a look at what’s on the horizon.

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5. Nexus 7

New Nexus 7 wm

The Nexus 7 was never renown for its hardware prowess, but the tablet continues to deliver in other areas like price. As a Nexus device, it will also be among the first to see the highly-anticipated update to Android L. With an HD display and modest quad-core processing, the N7 will remain relevant until Google finally releases its long-rumored successor.

4. LG G Pad


LG recently launched G Pad refresh comes in three sizes with prices starting at $150, a price that by itself makes these slates worth consideration. Add in some of the subtle refinements LG introduced with the highly-touted G3 and you end up with a set of tablets that successfully mix mid-range specs with a top-of-the-line feel.

3. Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet


The Xperia Z2 Tablet is about as “Sony Style” as it gets. With refined lines and the specs to give the competition a run for its money, if you want to turn heads while you effortlessly blow through video, games, and web content, the Z2 is the tablet for you.


nvidia shield tablet

When the SHIELD Tablet launched, we would be the first to tell you we weren’t holding out high hopes for the device. NVIDIA came through, however, with a device that takes the great gaming capabilities of their less-than-succesful SHIELD handheld and pairs them with an all-around solid Android tablet. A great device for hardcore gamers, the casual user should find it equally appealing.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S


The long wait for Samsung to bring their Super AMOLED technology to a tablet was worth it. The Tab S not only delivers gorgeous visuals via its hi-res display, but it sets the standard for every Android slate to come. Priced to compete with Apple’s iPad, it might be the first truly worth Android competitor the long-standing tablet king.

Honorable Mentions

galaxy-tab-4-nookWe don’t have room for every Android tablet in our top five, but here are several new and currently available slates worth your consideration.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook — Samsung’s popular Galaxy Tab meets Barnes & Nobles line of e-readers, and it’s a match made in heaven.
  2. Lenovo Yoga HD 10+  This flexible tablet features a built-in kickstand and can “yoga” itself into several positions for maximum usability.
  3. LG G Pad 8.3 — Still relevant despite the launch of new G Pads, look for this solid Android tablet to go on sale frequently.
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX — With easy access to Amazon’s library of digital content, this is a true media machine.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro — This “Pro” version of the Galaxy Tab might lag behind the Tab S in some areas, but it is worth consideration as one of the most powerful Android slates on the market.

Tablets to Look Forward To

IFA 2014 promises to bring even more tablets to look forward to, but here are the unreleased but announced Android slates that have quivering with anticipation.

LG Tab Book

lg tab book android

When the LG Tab Book hits the market, it will quite possibly be the most powerful Android slate available. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, since its announcement a few weeks back, little else has surfaced, including details on release date and regional availability.

ASUS Transformer Book V

ASUS Transformer Book V_PR02

Since it was shown off at the beginning of summer we have been anxiously awaiting ASUS’ Transformer Book V, the successor the manufacturer’s popular line of Transformer tablets. This one cannot only go from tablet to laptop and back, but it can triple as a phone and then do it all with Windows.

Rumor Mill

Will  new Nexus tablet launch before next month’s Best Tablets list is set in stone? Unlikely, but this month we have another that almost certainly will.

HTC Nexus tablet

google nexus devices

After earning its WiFi certification, the HTC Volantis/Flounder (codenames for what is presumed to be the next Nexus tablet) is closer to reality than ever. We are expecting to see an official announcement of this slate alongside the release of Android L and possibly a new Nexus phone. There is still some debate as to whether it will be a true Nexus 7 replacement or a new, larger tablet dubbed the Nexus 9.

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

sony smartwatch tablet compact leaked

Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet has been a favorite of ours since its release, and the rumored Z3 Tablet Compact could be equally as enticing. What do we expect of this new slate that could be revealed at IFA 2014 next week? A smaller display than the Z2 Tablet’s along with specs similar to the upcoming Xperia Z3 smartphone. That sounds like a recipe for success to us.

What Say You?

Did we leave your favorite tablet off of our rankings? Did we get it wrong or right? Take us to school in the comments below and let us know your picks for the best Android tablets.

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  1. I love my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. The screen is still best in class, it’s so light, and the content is amazing.

    Also, unlike pure android or ios, it’s not just a phone interface that’s blown up. I think both of those are awkward on a tablet, with little icons everywhere, The carousel interface on the kindle is amazing for a tablet. Unfortunately, once you get deeper into their menus, it’s a bit annoying to switch genres in the bookstore or whatever. Excited to see what Amazon comes out with next in the tablet space.

    My second choice would easily be the Nvidia.

  2. LG G Pad 8.3 should switch places with new G pad line. Despite being older, it has way better specs and in case of 8″ model similar price.
    I see no reason why anyone should buy G Pad 7.0 or 8.0 if G Pad 8.3 is available for similar price.

  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2014

    1. No man, I’m patiently waiting when they announce a Note 10.1 with Super AMOLED. That’s a nobrainer buy for me. Nothing can beat the value proposition of that. Unless Samsung themselves decide to kill off the line of large Notes.

      1. I’m wondering if there is an issue of compatibility with the SAMOLED screen and the digitizer?

  4. ASUS Transformer Book V with a Android + Windows or Linux dual boot would be awesome.

    1. That would be a gimmick a few people would buy. Just as a dual boot PC – you end up using one of the system, and start thinking of wiping up the other partition clean, to get some more space. The inconvenience of rebooting every time you decide to change OS is killing everything.

      1. If you’re already an Android user you may have an existing library of paid apps to use on the Android OS.

        A lot of people also have an existing library of PC software designed to run on windows that people could also use on the windows OS.

        I think there is a lot more potential here than you may have considered.

    2. Who needs pos windows on tablets no one is buying those surface 1/2/3 that are just rotting on shelves and creating pollution. Ms keeps promising the next surface5 will be better it won’t freeze up, over heat, lag and bosd.

  5. With a 5.5″ OnePlus One phone, I rarely use my Nexus 7 anymore.

  6. G Tab Pro 8.4 is by far the best tablet I’ve owned so far.

  7. 7″ – Nexus 7, Tegra Note
    8″ – Galaxy Tab S, Nvidia Shield
    10″ – Galaxy Tab S, Xperia Tablet Z2, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, Transformer Pad 701T
    12″ – Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

    Unless you’re on a tight budget, these are really the ONLY android tablets you should even look at.

    However, if you are on a budget:
    7″ – same as above
    8″ – LG G Pad 8.3 (preferably GPE), Galaxy Tab 4
    10″ – Asus MeMo Pad FHD 10, Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab 4

    1. The Nvidia Shield Tablet is not that expensive at the $368 its currently going for on Amazon

  8. I want the Note 10.1 2015, or Note Pro 10.1 or whatever they end up calling it. I will absolutely buy that to go with my soon to be Note 4

  9. For tablet experience I prefer the iPad over any Android offering. Until Google can get their tablet specific apps on par, it’s not even a contest.

    1. My thoughts exactly… My iPad gives me all my essential google apps along with all the other tablet offerings

    2. Have you even tried a nexus 7 or Samsung tablets I have both iPad and android all the popular apps are in par in both. So stop drinking the kool aid but I know 55% android tablet market does hurt apple fanzoids

      1. Hell I can easily sideload android apps onto my Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″

        The screen easily beats the iPad Air’s.

      2. I have a Nexus 7 but never had Samsung’s tablets. They’re still not up to par tablet wise but they’ve improved since. I believe that’s what they’re trying to focus on now with this new set standard. It’s not always about someone drinking coolaid. I’m platform anagostic and own many Android devices as well Apple devices.

        1. OK name the popular apps that you see scaling issue on android tablet to iPad. BTW android scales better apps iOS apps that are just written for iPhone.

  10. I want Motorola to make an AMOLED tablet.

  11. Well. it’s been 4 days and the list is already old. :)

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