From Android Forums: HDMI on the LG G3, SmartSwitch, car chargers, and more!


The Android world has been busy, busy, busy as we slide into a long holiday weekend, and the forums have been abuzz with chatter in anticipation of some sure-to-be huge happenings next week. Time to check in on discussion surrounding the latest gadgets and gizmos in the Android World, where else but Android Forums.

HDMI on the LG G3?


Disappointed with Miracast on the LG G3? You’re not alone. Or maybe you’re coming from a Samsung device with AllShare and want an alternative. That’s been a big topic on our LG G3 Forums. The LG G3 doesn’t have HDMI out, but If you don’t mind running a cord between your phone and TV, you can buy an HDMI adapter for the LG G3 that gives you that functionality!

And for those in the UK, here is your solution.

Want more cool stuff for your G3? Head on over to the official  LG G3 Accessories Thread.

Galaxy Note 3 to Galaxy Note 4 with SmartSwitch

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.01.32 AM

There are a hoard of Galaxy Note 3 users eager to upgrade, many of which have congregated in our Galaxy Note 4 Forums. They’ve suggested users bookmark the newly redesigned Samsung SmartSwitch page, an app and service that helps you transfer all of your contacts and content from your old phone to your new Samsung device.

This doesn’t only pertain to people switching from Galaxy Note 3 to Note 4, though. Samsung’s website outlines how you can easily make the switch from an iPhone, iPad, another Android device, or even Blackberry or Symbian. Looks like Windows Phone users are out of luck.

If you’re eager for the Note 4 you’ll want to check out the Note 4 Rumors Thread which has accumulated hundreds of posts since its inception in April and continues to garner buzz.

Android Phone/Tablet charging in car but still draining?

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.33.05 AM

If you take your Android Phone or Tablet on a road trip, you’ll want to be prepared to keep it charged. You’d think plugging it into a cigarette lighter or other vehicle outlets would be a no-brainer, but that’s not always the case: often times it shows as charging but the device consumes more power than the charger emits.

This is exactly what happened to RubyRide.co, a transportation network startup who faced this exact problem. Because they’re running the display (at full brightness), Bluetooth, GPS and Data all day long it was eating battery quickly, but they need reliability to best perform their service. So they asked Android Forums members for help.

It all comes down to the charger itself, and in this case, it seems this PortaPow charger did the trick. Another problem solved at Android Forums!


Holy Smartwatch, Droidman!

white samsung gear s

The amount of buzz around the latest Android Wear devices has reached a boiling point and we’ve got newly created forums for each:

Jump on in and get the discussion going or check out our full list of Android Wear Forums.

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