Aug 29th, 2014

AT&T bill credit

Quick heads-up on a deal for anyone looking to add lines to their AT&T accounts soon. Ma Bell is willing to shoot you $100 to go toward your bill if you add a line using AT&T Next. In case you’re not in the know, AT&T next allows you to buy phones for $0 down and you can pay it off in 20 (upgrade every 12 months) or 24 (upgrade every 18 months) monthly installments.

The offer is good for new customers opening an account or existing customers adding lines. It’s good until September 30th, and you’ll have to keep your account in good standing for up to 3 months before you receive the bill credit. You can pop into your local AT&T shop or head online right here if you’re eager to take advantage.

[via AT&T]

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