Motorola’s Yo contest to win a Moto 360 ends in confusion, here’s what happened


Motorola Yo Contest

Look familiar to any of you?

So here we are, 24 hours and not a single Motorola Moto 360 to show for it. Those of you who tuned in yesterday may remember our post notifying readers of a special Motorola and Yo contest where 20 Moto 360s were up for grabs. On the surface, the contest rules were simple:

  1. Install Yo
  2. Add “Motorola”
  3. Pray you receive a Yo from Motorola informing you you’ve won

Easy, right? Not so fast. After digging through the contest rules yesterday, we noticed things were a little unclear. First off, because Motorola mentioned only the first 20 people who signed up after receiving a “Yo” would win a Moto 360 — did that mean Motorola would be notifying more than 20 people?

That’s the way it certainly sounded on Twitter where easily more than 20 people were notified that they had “won a Moto 360,” only to find out that after clicking the supplied link and entering in their email, all the units had already been claimed. Ouch.

Needless to say, this has lead to a lot of confusion from participants, most of which aren’t too happy with Motorola right now. Again, the contest rules state that only the first 20 people to complete the registration form will actually win a Moto 360, despite the misleading wording in Motorola’s initial “Yo” which should have read: “Yo! You have a chance at winning a Moto 360!”

Hope this clears some things up.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Actually saw their post yesterday and understood what they were doing so didn’t bother. Just another jump through our hoops type contest like a certain other company. Not playing those games. Just sell me one.

    1. It actually reminds me a lot of a OnePlus contest. “Hey, you just won the opportunity to win our product!”


      1. Except that in Moto’s case, you won the opportunity to receive a FREE product, not an opportunity to BUY their product. I thought I had won to only be disappointed when I got the “all 360’s have been claimed” . Bummmmmer lol

  2. I read this and knew bout it but ur right its not really that clear. Unfortunately I got a yo saying good luck next time…. Not even a chance. :( anyone keeping this awesome app? Lolz

  3. This was a very poorly run contest.

    I read the fine print when I entered and I still got very confused and excited to see that “I won”.

    Moto really crapped the bed with this one.

    1. Yeah, I got blue balls now. Such a tease :/

  4. Yo moto! Go $@#$@%@%^#^^%#$!

  5. :UninstallsApp

  6. I got a yo back and when I clicked on it the web page never loaded and just hung there. Bummer….

  7. Moto is a really poorly managed company when it comes to marketing strategies. First this long leak of the 360 and no release date yet and now this? I got the message saying “I won” and when i click the link after the email, i suddenly get a message saying they’re already out.

    I’m actually very close now to not bothering with the 360 at all due to this practice.

    1. Why are you even bothering with anything Motorola related. I’ve never seen you post anything but negativity concerning them.

  8. Clearing it up.. Maybe.. Another suck by moto.. Definitley

  9. Man I uninstalled that crud app Yo after not winning…

  10. Lawsuit!! Discounts for everyone.

    1. over a free contest? lol

      Case# 593058503958593048

      The internet VS Motorola

      Filed because people didn’t win the internet;

      1. ROFLMAO!!!

  11. I think it is pretty sad that so many people are in an uproar because of this stupid contest… The ones upset invested no more than a few minutes of their time and hope, and the internet is outraged they didn’t get something for free? Give me break… Why do so many people expect something for nothing these days? Yeah, moto F’ed up, but what are all the whiners out? Absolutely nothing! I guess I come from a generation where things were worked for and you expected nothing. It’s a contest and not everyone won, nothing new. Crying about it on the internets ain’t gonna fix it children…. Try learning coping skills, or a lot of you are in for a sad future…

    1. You obviously did not read the article.

      1. Why else would I visit this site? I only enter the internets to gather information and jerk off to free porn..

        1. And he’s all out of free porn.

  12. U Big Dummy!!!!! LMAO!!!

  13. “Needless to say, this has lead to a lot of confusion from the more moronic of the participants”


  14. Move along people,nothing to see here except a hastily thrown-together PR Fail by MOTO,in an effort to steal thunder from LG/SAMSUNG/SONY/APPLE.


    1. Yo! Don’t talk about Moto like that Yo!

  15. The instructions were clear albeit unusual in your other article about this.

  16. ha ha ha.. love it.. people get suckered into using this and social media at a paltry chance to win a watch. Moto won, everyone else got played… ha ha

    1. Moto should be the one panicking. They’re the ones who are bleeding money with an uncertain future. Not us. They don’t have the right to play with our emotions like that yet in their situation.

  17. No big deal. I never expected to win. But, it was interesting that I just got the Yo back about 5 min ago, and all were already gone. Interesting.

    1. I was wondering what time other people got their yos? The competition said yos would be sent at 3 Central, but mine didn’t arrive until almost 3:40. I clicked within 2 seconds but only got the second screen above.

      1. About 5:35pm central time

  18. Hence I didn’t install yo

  19. For at least the last 24 hours+ it’s been impossible for tons of people to even Sign Up for a new account in the app anyway. Mismanaged on multiple levels.

    1-star review, and uninstalled.

  20. yo, is that worse than the oneplus contests?

  21. Jesus, just read the terms and conditions before entering in a competition. It’s really not rocket science.

    1. I read it, and it clearly stated you would be notified, and out of those who received the YO!, you had to be one of the first 20 to claim the watch.

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