LG G Watch R price revealed to be €299 in Germany (€100 more than original G Watch)



LG’s global press announcement for the circular LG G Watch R wasn’t keen on sharing pricing details, but the German-specific press release may shed some light on what this thing will be priced. According to it, LG will look to target a €299 price tag for the smart watch. To put that into perspective, the LG G Watch costs €199 in Europe.

A straight conversion gives us a figure of $393.98, but LG will likely look to match the same dollar figure digit for digit as they did with the G Watch. There are many reasons why LG might feel the need to price the G Watch R that much higher than the original.

For starters, the watch is said to be made of stainless steel, and also has slightly improved internals over the original G Watch. Not only would this drive the cost of materials up a bit, but it would also drive up the cost of assembly. We imagine it also isn’t cheap to manufacture those circular displays.

Of course only LG knows the true reason, but it’s up to consumers to vote with their wallets and let the South Korean company know whether this is an acceptable price tag or not. We’re not sure if this pricing will be standard through all of Europe or just in Germany, but we’re reaching out to LG for clarification. Would you buy the G Watch R at $299 or €299?

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  1. Nope. 360 will do just fine.

  2. Do bear in mind that the Germany price includes sales tax.

    1. Any notices, ads etc that don’t include tax are full of crap. There are countries where it is actually illegal not to include it. Thanks for that and using the imperial system, North America.

      1. To be fair to them, it’s a little difficult in America to advertise products inclusive of tax, given that every state has a different sales tax rate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_the_United_States#By_jurisdiction

  3. I believe the Moto 360 will cost more

    1. The Moto 360 will be $250 I thought?

      1. We’ve seen that as the msrp in a couple of promo deals, but moto came out and said that isn’t an indicator for the future retail price.

        1. But then the Best Buy page leaked. Motorola also just put $249 in the YO contest rules from yesterday.

          1. Oh yeah, i forgot about that BestBuy page. I’m still not convinced though, I feel like Moto thinks of it as a more high-end watch, worth of more than a $20 more than the G-Watch.

            Thats just my two pennies, it could well be $250, which would be quite a steal.

  4. Aesthetically, this watch doesn’t appeal to me as I’ve never been a fan of the numbered face enclosure, or watch body shape. So, irrespective of it’s price, LG doesn’t have a sale as far as this consumer is concerned.

    1. im confused? its a digital watch, there will be multiple faces if you want one with ticks instead of numbers… however what do you mean by “watch body shape”? if you dont like watches why bother at all with a … watch?

      1. As shown in the picture above the bezel around the dial has minute markers and numbers for every 15 minute marker. I think what the mean is they don’t care for that, and as far as the body shape I think they just mean they’re not partial to round watches.

        1. Unless that bezel is actually part of the display.

  5. Ouch…

  6. Priced a bit high, but you still have my attention.

  7. assuming to 360 specs are better, no I would not

  8. The bar has put me off, tied in with a high price I’ll buy something else instead.

  9. Leather strap for $299? Hell no. I’ll stick to the 360 no matter the cost.

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