Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo and other tech giants looking to court Cyanogen Inc [RUMOR]


Cyanogen Inc

After gaining $22 million in series B funding last year, Cyanogen Inc’s first foray into the mobile arena was a little bumpy to say the least. Not so much because the new software company failed to live up to any expectations on their end, mind you (CyanogenMod 11S is some pretty amazing custom Android software). It had more to do with oddball devices like the Oppo N1 and constant barrage of bad press OnePlus received time and time again with the OnePlus One.

But even with that small hiccup, it seems Cyanogen Inc’s image hasn’t been tarnished as a new report suggests some pretty big names in tech are eyeballing the software startup. If you’re wondering what’s next for everyone’s favorite Android success story, The Information is now reporting that Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, and Yahoo are just a few of the companies looking to partner up with Cyanogen Inc. Well, that, or acquire them altogether. While nothing is set in stone just yet, it’s being said Cyanogen Inc has already had a sit down chat with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella while Steve Kondik and crew prepare for their series C round of funding later this year.

We should warn, we’ve seen reports out of The Information quickly shot down in the past, so take this all with a grain of salt for now. It’s still unclear exactly what kind of work Cyanogen Inc — who built their house working exclusively with Android software — would do for some of these other companies, but it appears CyanogenMod could be a way for Google’s rivals to circumvent Android software that relies so heavily on their apps and services. With countless AOSP apps moving over to exclusive Google properties, there’s not much left to harvest and we’re already shuddering at the thought of a Yahoo Phone.

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  1. Microsoft?

  2. I read “taking to court.” I was furious at first, then happy.

  3. AMAZON & CYANOGEN makes more sense,as AMAZON uses a forked version of ANDROID anyway.

    BTW,CM11 runs just fine on the OPPO N1 & THE FIND7.
    Anyone who has the 1+1 will state the same with CM11S.

    1. That is what I was thinking.

    2. Ya but CyanogenMod isn’t a forked variant it’s more akin to touchwiz, sense, or the optimus ui, basically any skin. A forked version doesn’t have access to Google services. Typed from my day old one plus one.

      1. True, but, I’d still say the AMAZON-CYANOGEN partnership would still make more sense.
        Hoping it doesn’t go through, unless GAPPS could be loaded up on a CYANAZON phone.

    3. I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE CAPITALISING FOR!!! (Brick Tamland voice )

    4. Definitely. The oneplus with cm is an amazing phone and gives any phone out there a run for their money. its too bad its been plagued by this invite system.

  4. Dosh bag, leech Microsoft wants to buy cynogenmod wth

  5. I would rather see Samsung partner with them to enhance Touchwiz or create an all new less bloated skin for their phones. I would hate to see an Amazonogen partnership. But I wonder what Yahoo would do with them

  6. Fu¢k That $hit!!! Google Better Snatch Cyanogenmod up!!! Others are starting to wise up and realize that Android is in its prime and shows no signs of what better way to compete against it than snatch up the company that’s knows Android inside and out?

    Google better be on its defense ….

    1. Just because non Android companies are interested doesn’t mean they’re going to ruin it if they buy it.

      1. Yeah, it pretty much does.

  7. I’d rather see Cyanogen Inc. remain independent.

    1. Either that,or,GOOGLE snatch ’em up.

      GOOGLE would be a lesser evil vs the others mentioned in the article.

      As you,I’d prefer they stay independent & continue such projects as the partnerships w/OPPO & OnePlus.

    2. Me too. Otherwise it’s RIP community.

    3. I think the cyno guys would prefer to make some good money. Wouldn’t you in their shoes?

  8. Windows10 powered by android

  9. CyanoSellOut.

  10. If they sell to yahoo or microsoft this is the end for them. They will just throw them out and use the team to create their own crappy software. I think google should buy them and release a nexus true android phone and a nexus cm phone.

  11. I sincerely hope they don’t get bought buy one of these companies. I’m not a CM user but it would certainly be bad for those who are.

    1. I am a CM user and that would be devastating.

      1. Yes, and especially when you have a samsung lol

        1. I bought the One M8 to avoid TouchWiz, I couldn’t handle the way it alters android. Plus the One is crazy easy to root and S-Off

  12. Oh no, Cyanogenmod’s image will not be tarnished, it’s definitely OnePlus to blame here. Stupid invitation with chaotic promotion campaign.

  13. Please no samsung.. it will become cyanogen-wiz… and many samsung users rely on cyanogenmod heavily…

  14. If Samsung ditched Touchwiz for CyanogenMod [or Stock Android], it might just make them the No1 Smartphone vendor [HTC have even more to gain]. Personally, I’m routing for Motorola and Android-One Manufacturers to tear up the market, but it’s not happened yet regretfully!

  15. If they get in bed with Cyanogen, they will F it all up. DONT DO IT Cyanogen!! ITS A TRAP!!!

  16. If those are the potential “suitors” for CM, then they need to remain independent. Microsoft, has a funny habit of collecting technology and literally doing nothing with it till it’s too late, and even then it’ll be super cool but marketed horribly, (Kinect) Amazon, would just pull a FB and rebrand it as, something, something something,…. Still based on Android! Yahoo, would be interesting though. Since Marissa Meyer left Google for Yahoo, I’ve always had a feeling that she’s wanted to trump Google on a few things. Yahoo’s got their hand in Media, they’ve picked up some tech, they’ve gotten their hands on some blogospheres…. There’s something going on over there, I just can’t put my finger on it. Them getting CM would definitely signal that they’re getting into the mobile game, but how? CM has built a solid rep and can easily carve out their niche exactly where they are. Literally selling out to anybody would be counter productive to their purpose.

    1. Do you have some inside information on “their purpose” that the rest of us don’t know? What I’m saying is we don’t know what “their purpose” is today. Money is a powerful motivator to change your purpose.

  17. Just keep MS away. They are against anything open source. They shouldn’t even be considered. yahoo as well. Yahoo is also a dead end

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