LG G3 on track to become LG’s first 10 million sales champion



Don’t call it a comeback, folks. OK, maybe you can. LG has come a long way since the days of the troubled Optimus line and their very early line of Android smartphones, but the LG G2 onward has proven that they are capable of refocusing and getting back to serious business. That fact is soon to be cemented by a major milestone that any company should be proud of.

The LG G3 is on track to become the South Korean company’s first smartphone to reach the 10 million sales mark. Behemoth Samsung has been able to boast those types of numbers numerous times in the past few years with their Note and Galaxy S lineup so it’s nice to see that the personal electronics industry in the country is no longer one-sided.

LG credits much of their success to a philosophy that has them going back to the bare basics in all things they do. Not only does this allow them to focus on good product design and value-added features, but it also helps their different divisions come together to perform as one well-oiled cohesive machine.

If 10 million smartphone sales is the result of that change then we say keep on keepin’ on, LG. Let us know if you’re still enjoying your G3, and read our LG G3 review if you still aren’t sure what the hype is all about.

[via Korea Times]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I love my LG G3 after I added a wireless charging back plate. The phone fits in my hand perfectly and is very smooth with GEL. LG is back on track in my book…

    1. May I ask where you got the wireless charging back plate?

  2. Looked at one recently. Quite a nice feel in hand and beautiful. I would consider getting one if they did a GPE.

    1. Or wait until bootloader is unlocked….

      1. Sounds like that might be a long wait from what people are saying with the previous phone?

        1. Mine is already unlocked. Yet another reason why I love T-Mobile.

          1. What he said!!

  3. If they want further notoriety, they really need to start embracing the development community like Sony and HTC. The G2 never had its bootloader unlocked and my G3 is desperately crying out for some custom ROM goodness.

    1. Notoriety is not usually something anyone should want. Not unless you’re a psychotic serial killer with a craving for attention.

  4. Unlock the damn boot loader already!

    1. Lol, buy a Tmobile variant and switch!! :)

  5. Love my g3 but I do feel like they could’ve done a little better on the software side!

    1. Expect performance software updates coming soon on the states side or western side, as Asia already released a new software makes the G3 even more butterly smooth ^^

  6. still annoyed at the Nth american confusion with Wireless charging. FFS

    1. Confusion in regards to wireless charging? What do you mean?

      1. G3 Surely doesn’t work with a Nokia Fatboy (one year old…works with a Droid DNA) . So, you only find this out after the purchase? No problem. Didn’t see this coming, so…No ‘New’ Wireless charger will be purchased for the new phone. Wireless charging was never fast enough anyhow. And the Droid DNA has The worst battery In The World. 99% to 15% in just 4 hours with moderate use. Amazingly bad.

  7. Good phone, ticks a lot of boxes, all except battery life.

    1. Battery life is great for me. I’m an average user. Best performing battery on a phone ever for me. Gets me through an entire day.

      1. Then you would have loved the M8. Battery life on the G3 actually sucks if you actually use the phone regularly.

        1. First non-HTC phone in 5+ years, and I’m loving it. Planned on purchasing the M7 & M8, but for ME, the camera was not acceptable. I got tired of waiting, and I’m glad I made the switch.

  8. This is my phone if I have to chose one above 5.2 inches….otherwise still waiting on to see what the <5.2 inch phones will offer this fall and winter….

  9. Best phone ove ever had hands down. There are a few studders here and there, but it’s manageable…

  10. The only complain I have with the G3 is getting hot when playing a video.

    1. Video? That makes no sense. Most video is hardware decode accelerated and it should barely break a sweat. Gaming on the other hand…

  11. Kudos to LG… they made a phenomenal product

  12. Love my G3. So far best phone of 2014 for me.

  13. This is the first phone I have had that I can honestly say does it all without any MAJOR issues.

    1. This^ period.

  14. Love what LG is doing lately with their nice screen-to-bezel ratio and tap-to-wake feature (too bad it’s “patented”).

    The G3 is sincerely the only device I’d even consider side-grading to from my Note 3. What kills it, for me, is that I’m too in love with super-contrasty SAMOLED to downgrade to LCD. Any chance the G4 could use Samsung’s OLED display tech? :)

    (And how’s ROM support? Yeah….)

  15. I love the G3 but damn the software is laggy as hell compared to HTC One M8. Honestly if it wasnt for the screen size in such a compact body I would ditch the G3 for the M8 in a heart beat. The battery life of the M8 was great compared to the G3 but this 5.5″ screen in a 5″ body just won the battle. Oh and the buttons on the back is actually really useful. The knock on is also great but with Xposed installed the M8 can also achieve that feat. So Kudos to the G3 but I wish there was a 5.5″ M8 “Max”. :)

  16. I’m considering getting a g3, what kind of battery life have you guys been getting? An average day for me is 1 hour calls, 15 minutes watching videos, checking notifications on and off constantly all day, reading news/websites for maybe 3 hours. Think I’d have any problem getting through a long day?

  17. Just like the old days, Goldstar Is A Leader. (LG) Lucky Goldstar built a 3D0 game machine that rivaled Panasonic. Built VCR’s that outlasted the competition by a year or more. Just the UnderDog with the Balls to trump whatever it truly masters, LG is Quality Second to none…especially when all of their footing is directed in one place. Excellent Work, Goldstar!!!

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