Aug 27th, 2014


With the advent of 4K video, we’re just now seeing flagship smartphones capable of shooting this new crystal clear video resolution. The problem? Well, if history has taught us anything it’s that file sizes are only going to get bigger form here on out. With that, Dropbox is finally announcing new pricing options for their paid Dropbox Pro users, officially pitting the cloud storage service head-to-head with Google Drive.

Starting today, you can now grab a 1TB Dropbox Pro account for only $10 a month or $99 for the year… and that’s it. Previously Dropbox Pro tried to cover their bases by offering a few different tiers for users looking for either a little extra storage ($10 a month for 100GB), a good amount ($20 a month for 200GB), or a lot ($50 a month for 500GB). With the new Dropbox Pro option, it’s a simple 1-size-fits-all kinda deal. None the less, it’s a great value.

With the new lower paid-pricing comes a few extra bonus features as well. In their blog post, Dropbox talks about new sharing tools like being able to set passwords for shared links, expiration dates for shared links, or allowing others to only view or edit shared files. In the event that you lose a connected laptop or device, Dropbox Pro can not only unsync files from that lost device, but wipe the already saved Dropbox files from it as well.

Current Dropbox Pro users can expect the boatload of extra storage to become available shortly, while those paying for the higher tiers will either see a prorated price for this month, or a lower bill the following. To sign up for a Dropbox Pro account, visit the link here.