Google Glass XE20.1 update just made it a hundred times easier to message your contacts


Google Glass XE20.1 contacts

There’s a new Google Glass update rolling out this week (it was about time for one, right?). Arriving under the version number XE20.1, the update — in conjunction with an update to the MyGlass app for Android — finally gives Glass Explorers access to all of the contacts stored in their Google account — and we couldn’t be happier.

Google Glass XE20.1 update 1

Although only the most recent/starred contacts you will be accessible by voice commands, the rest can be found by physically swiping/tapping on the touch pad. Once selected, Glass users can now choose how they’d like to message a specific contact, with the new option of sending an SMS, Hangouts message, or an email.

Google Glass XE20.1 update screenshots

The Glass team has also made a few additional tweaks, like the ability to delete a snapped picture by voice, or turn of the “head nudge” in settings. For those unaware, the head nudge is a way for Glass users to activate the display on their devices without touching it but there are certain instances (like when driving) it might be better to keep it off. Some new Google Now cards have also landed in XE20.1, like a currency counter and nearby events.

To update your Google Glass headset, simply make sure it’s connected to WiFi, then plug it into a charger. After that, you’ll see a prompt for an update and let nature take its course.

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