Aug 19th, 2014


It hasn’t been long since Brightstar founder Marcelo Claure was named Sprint CEO and it seems they’re already making key moves that’ll help get their name back in the positive limelight. Sprint has revealed a new family plan that promises more value than any of the competitors.

For $100 per month through the entirety of 2015, you and up to 9 other folks can share a pool of 20GB of 3G and 4G data, plus an extra 2GB per line on all devices. Sprint contends it’s even better than T-Mobile’s newest $100 4-line plan, which gives you 10GB to split between those folks. Here’s how they’re breaking it down against similar offerings from other carriers:

sprint framily 4 line

Of course, the value slowly diminishes as you add more than 4 lines, but it still turns out to be a pretty good deal no matter how many lines you have. We’re not entirely sure where these prices will end up after 2015 expires, but we’ve reached out to Sprint to find out. We imagine both Sprint and T-Mobile’s prices will hike to the realm of the other two big carriers at that point. For now, though, there isn’t a much better deal out there if you and a big group of family or friends don’t mind sharing a large pool of data.

The most exciting thing about this announcement is that Sprint says they’re not through yet — we’re asked to keep our eyes peeled for even more goodness in the weeks or months to come. For that, we tip our hats to Sprint, their new CEO and the benefits that tough competition breeds.

[via Sprint]

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