Retailer leaks Galaxy Note 4 specs: 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 805, 4K video and more


samsung galaxy note 4 2

While it won’t be terribly long before Samsung lets us in on their little Samsung Galaxy Note 4 secret, we’re eager to find out what’s in store for their second half flagship ahead of its September 3rd revelation. One reputable Indonesian retailer — Erafone — may have jumped the gun a bit and posted all the juicy details before Samsung could even get a chance to get the teasers rolling.

According to them, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be boasting the following list of specs once it finally emerges from the shadows:

  • 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 or octa-core Exynos with four Cortex-A57 cores and four Cortex-A53 cores (depending on model and region, we imagine)
  • 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 display
  • 4GB of RAm
  • 16/32/64GB of internal storage w/ microSD up to 128GB
  • 16 megapixel camera with 4K video recording, optical image stabilization and dual-LED flash
  • microUSB 3.0 with MHL 2.0 video out
  • Dual-band WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 4.4.3 KitKat

Unfortunately the listing doesn’t go into massive detail about any extra bells and whistles or software features, but it’s nice to get a good idea of the framework of this device before Samsung’s ready to let it be known for themselves. Speaking of framework, an earlier leak gave us a potential first look at the device itself.

It appears to be using a bit of metal in its chassis, though there’s a strong possibility that the device we saw is an early prototype and there’s a chance it may look different. Funny, that, as it technically wouldn’t be the first device in Samsung’s new metal-filled design strategy for their Galaxy lineup — the Samsung Galaxy Alpha snuck in for that honor just yesterday.

There’s always a chance these specs could be false, of course, but it’s not out of the ordinary for a retailer to have such early access to device information (considering they have to prepare to sell it to us, and all). Still, approach this with a grain of salt until we can get Samsung to fork over the details themselves. Let us know how you feel about these specs — a worthy upgrade over the Note 3 or is Samsung’s magic beginning to wear out?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Those are monster specs!

  2. This will be my next phone

    1. Same here. From a Note 2

    2. Just order two… ship one to me. Thanks in advance!

  3. Do any other phones have 4gb of ram yet?

    1. I think there’s a huawei

    2. Not that I know of. But with that extra one gig probably dedicated to the horrible touch wiz os and spen features. You probably won’t see it outside of great benchmarks. 2gb on vanilla android 4.4.4 seems more than adequate. If the nexus next has 3gb for less than $450 I’m sold.

      1. Damn Samsung. How am I supposed to buy a Z3 now?

  4. just let it have a louder ringer than the NOTE-2, this will be my februrary phone after the price drop.

    1. And a better vibrator. I can’t ever feel mine. And can only hear it when it’s on a table.

      1. “and a better vibrator” that’s what she said

        1. heh. Yeah, there was no real other way around saying it that way.

  5. those specs are A1. better than most if not all tablets at the moment. just not a fan of touchwiz or that physical button.

    1. I didn’t want to I root and I got tired after 3 years of using touchwiz. The look on the salesman’s face at T-Mobile when after 6 months I jumped to trade for a nexus 5. Haven’t regretted my purchase a day yet. I’ll wait for the nexus next.

      1. yea all the phones ive owned have been vanilla android. the nexus 6 will likely be my next phone also.

  6. The 16gb memory option is a bit of a worry, the Note 3 was 32/64 which meant shops could only stock a minimum of a 32gb model. When Samsung release phones, shops hardly ever stock above the minimum memory models in the UK, this means the 16GB Note 4 will probably be the one in most shops. Of all the 16/32GB phone from Samsung I looked at when upgrading, I never ever found anyone offering the 32GB model on any contract.
    Looking at the spec of the Note 4, I’m happy to stick with my Note 3 for the foreseeable future, Samsung have been good updating the OS’s on older models and Android “L” would have been the only thing to make me want to upgrade.

    1. Similarly – when the Note 3 was released in the US, I looked everywhere for a 64GB version on T-Mobile. Didn’t exist. Had to settle for 32GB, and, yes, I’ve run out of space many times with just a few giant games installed (before using FolderMount to move the storage to the much slower external sdcard).

      1. One of the things I like Samsung for is they brought back the move app to SD card. They even re-instated it on my S3. Probably to do with the bad press from the amount of memory the OS eats into, but helped keep more memory available with out me having to use 3rd party apps like folder guard.

  7. That’s a horrible looking back

    1. Yeah i like the back of my Note 3 more. I like the bottom part that says “SPIGEN” the most. I’d love to know how many of the people that complain about the look of a device actually use the phone without a case.

    2. Look closely, the picture is a fake.

      1. yea it is. just look at the s pen.

  8. Eh, cool? It comes down to features these days. I want to know what features it has that will make me want to leave my still very capable Note 2.

    And what’s with 4 GB RAM? Will we come even close to using that much? You know what they say, “unused RAM is wasted RAM”

    1. “unused RAM is wasted RAM”

      1. Feels like one of those things you just can’t get enough of. My home rig has 16GB of RAM plus a 2nd Gen i7, and because of that, I can do pretty much whatever I want without slowdowns. I definitely think that having the best specs really makes a difference, and having more RAM means that the Android OS doesn’t have to constantly close out of applications and exhaust CPU power. When everything can sit cached in the RAM, applications have the ability to load up wicked fast and conserve battery.

      2. Says someone who clearly doesn’t understand how Linux / Android manages memory. Which is totally different than how Windows manages memory.

    2. I remember many many years ago when I was told that my PC doesn’t need more than 2Gb of RAM, that it’s a waste. I also remember when the same thing was said about a phone having 2Gb of RAM. A few years from now we’ll be up to 8Gb of RAM on phones (with 6Gb being standard), and I’ll remember this “4Gb is a waste” quote from you guys. :P

  9. 4gb of ram is very nice to see! I really, really hope this device will be waterproof/dustproof.

    1. No phone is waterproof only water resistant.

      1. No dude: http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/waterproof-phones-ip-ratings-explained

        “The Samsung Galaxy S5 has the same IP67 certification as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which means according to the IP rating scale it is completely dust-proof and can be submerged underwater up to 1 metre depth for 30 minutes.”

        1. Anything more will kill it therefore it’s not waterproof water proof means it’s completely incapable of being destroyed by water.

          1. You know what I mean…. I’m not looking for a phone to go deep-sea diving at 100m in salt-water.

          2. Waterproof just means that it can be submerged in water. Then it becomes a question of how far down it can go. If we go by your definition, then nothing is waterproof, cos everything will fail if you put it deep enough. (Water resistant means you can splash it with water, but can’t submerge it.)

  10. If it has a locked bootloader then I’m going with a Nexus.

    1. Boot loaders are easy to unlock with a little help from XDA…

      1. So I can run cm11 and a custom kernel on the AT&T Note 3?
        The answer after 1 year is a big NO!

        1. This is why I swapped my GS4 for an HTC One.

        2. At least the T-Mobile Note 3’s unlocked.

        3. That’s an AT&T problem. Samsung has long been the friendliest OEM towards the rooting community, making rooting and flashing a cinch.

        4. I don’t know about AT&T and I don’t care, I’m not American :P but I could run Paranoid Android or CM with franko kernel if I wanted… Towelroot is just one of many methods.

      2. Hahaha, devs use a bit of magic and poof unlocked bootloader? Each device if different. And sometimes when a bootloader is locked…it stays that way. Just look at sony devices their bootloaders have never been cracked.

        So as this dude says buy a device that is unlockable, as bliss once said buy unlockable phones. Stop supporting locked devices then they will stop.

        1. Locked bootloaders are a carrier issue more than a Samsung one.

          1. Yes it is, but it is still an issue of money to the carrier.

  11. The pic doesn’t look real but the specs, well, it wouldn’t surprise me. Processors haven’t really improved much over the last year, and 3gb of ram hardly feels limited so it’s not a huge jump from the note 3 but note 2 and s4 users would appreciate this handset.

  12. 4 gigs of ram alone will get me to buy this.

    1. Between my Xperia Z2 (3GB of RAM) and my One M8 (2GB RAM), I’m not noticing much benefit of that extra 1GB.

    2. What can’t you do with 2 or 3GB that you can with 4GB?

      1. I have a Nexus 5 and about 90% of the time 1.5 gigs are being used so having some more free memory would be nice.

        1. You want more memory that won’t be used?

          1. Yes. So I can have the option of switching between multiple apps as my phone has become my main computing device. Plus it gives game devs more room to make better games.

        2. You really don’t understand how Android manages memory. On a 4 Gig phone, 3.5 gigs will be used. Empty RAM does nothing, and Android will free up that “used” memory as soon as an app needs it.

      2. Have more apps open in the background before they are force killed, which is especially useful with the multiwindow feature in TouchWiz.

  13. I would love Samsung to stop creating hardware with the bottom center button. I don’t think they will ever remove it… it wouldn’t look like the iPhone as much. ;) Another dumb aspect of the Note is the removal of the menu button in ActionBar. Why? All this does is mess with the consistency of UI patterns across all Android devices.

    Samsung could be my favorite phone manufacture but for those two reasons I steer clear. Oh, and their Android Wear device I have didnt help their case at all!

    1. That hardware button is the reason I’m done with Samsung. It serves no purpose other than to constantly turn the phone on in my pocket, killing battery life.

      I’m aware there are various workarounds for it, but I should need workarounds for high-end electronics.

      1. It has never once turned on in my pocket…it’s too narrow and flush for that. Unless you have keys in the same pocket or an ENORMOUS PROTRUDING hip bone, there’s just nothing to trigger it. And I’ve had both physical and capacitive keys (I’m an original G1 owner), and I’m straight up telling it straight up like it is…on screen keys suck compared to a physical one.

        1. There’s nothing else in the pocket, and my hip appears to be normal. :-) I’m not the only one with this issue: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS559US560&ion=1&espv=2&es_th=1&ie=UTF-8#q=samsung+home+button+turns+on+in+my+pocket

          I don’t wear particularly tight jeans, but it only happens in jeans – dress pants are not a problem.

          I’ve had onscreen buttons, and will never buy anything else. There’s really no point in having JUST THIS ONE button be hardware while all other nav buttons on the phone are software. That’s just inconsistent design.

          There’s also no reason not to include a DISABLE HOME BUTTON FROM WAKING PHONE feature without root. Why make me root my phone just to make it do what I want it to do?

          1. Very strange – I’ve never ever had the home button accidentally pressed either, and I’ve been using the Note 1 and now Note 3 since 2 years ago. I just don’t see how that could happen without other stuff in the pocket. Re design consistency, you could argue that the power button and speaker buttons should also be software too then, but obviously they are not for a good reason, just like there’s a very good reason to have a physical button on the face of the screen. Just the fact that I can very easily wake up the phone, and with one simple finger push, while the phone is lying on the table makes it one good reason. And there are countless more.

    2. Ditto that. The physical home button is the primary reason I’m not interested in upgrading my Note 3 to a 4. My next phablet will have a fantastic screen-to-bezel ratio like the G3 (and followup G4).

      1. The home key takes up almost no unnecessary space…but I’ve had both physical and capacitive keys ever since my original G1, and I’m straight up telling it like it is…on screen keys suck compared to a physical one.

        1. I’ve also used both physical & software nav button devices (s1, s3, moto x, note 3, nexus 7/10, etc), and I’ll tell YOU straight up like it is! :)
          – The physical button DOES waste bezel that could instead be used for a smaller device, a bigger display, or a stereo speaker grill.
          – The physical button introduces a point of failure (all moving parts fail)
          – The physical button allows finger gunk and dirt to build up in its crevices. yuck.
          – The physical button can’t rotate as you rotate your device, such as on its side while you’re lying in bed, or upside down when you want to charge it without bending the cable.
          – The physical buttons can’t be infinitely reconfigured to suit your needs, unlike softnav.

          BRING ON THE POLL! :)

          1. I agree man. Definitely bring on the poll. And maybe do some measurements of how much space Samsung’s physical buttons take vs. The navigation bar on stock Android, Sense, and LG’s UI. That sounds like a good idea!

          2. To be meaningful, those measurements would have to include the navigation bar AND the bezel on phones without a physical button. I can guarantee you there’s no phone where those two combined are smaller than Samsung’s bezel.

          3. For sure. But I would further bet that even just measuring the bezel alone, no other phone has a smaller bezel than Samsung’s (Note 3 at least, which is what I have), even when they don’t stick anything there. At most, it’ll be less than 1mm maybe, but I don’t even recall seeing any.

          4. To maintain ratios, the device would have to be wider for any extra screen space… And all of these phones have a bit of header and footer for internals. Samsung is barely any larger at the bottom than the G3… It may fail, but I’ve never had it happen on devices I’ve owned for over three years… Never had finger gunk build up, maybe because I occasionally wash my hands… I can’t relate on the charging/watching point, as I’ve never had that issue, but I can at least see the reasoning… My physical button serves a lot of functions without root, such as launching any app with a single press, launching voice search with double press, launch running apps with a long press, and device wake on power off press. What configuration can yours do that mine can’t, because I know mine can do at least one yours can’t.

          5. What he said! Jason, I totally argue the point that the bezel could be made smaller by any significant amount without the physical buttons. Samsung already has the smallest bezels out there even when you compare their phones to ones that use software keys. The only valid point to me that you made is that you can stick speaker grills there instead, but the home button has been so useful (for all that NewGuy777 said plus more) that I’d give up a speaker grill for that without a second thought. I’d actually like to use other brands, but I would really miss the physical home button!

          6. And the only company that put a speaker grill there (HTC), also has a huge wasted area at the bottom of the screen that is effectively an even bigger bezel.

      2. Yeah, screw screen real estate, we want huge on screen buttons to take up most of the view.. Oh wait, I don’t want that. I LOVE that Samsung has not resorted to killing the screen size with on screen buttons. I wish more companies would adapt capacitive buttons to be honest.

    3. I couldn’t disagree more! See, many people think that by not having the button, the screen can be bigger. NOT TRUE! Their bottom bezel is already as small as it can be (and already smaller than others like Sony’s which use software/screen buttons. The button and capacitative buttons actually help us to have MORE screen real estate, not less! Besides, I love being able to wake the phone by pressing on the home button (much easier than the power button – imagine it lying on the desk, not in your hand), or answering calls with it, and lots of other stuff you can program it for.

      1. I agree that the hard home key rocks, although the knock-knock style does have me interested…That being said, capacitive keys just can’t compare with physical ones for always reacting, and the speed of the reaction.

        1. The knock to unlock thing that HTC and LG have is really cool. With the M8, it’s just really sensitive. It would occasionally wake up in my girlfriend’s pocket and start doing crazy stuff. But I think the M8 has the most sensitive and responsive screen on the market… Correct me if I’m wrong lol

          1. Knox to wake is cool but at the cost of the Screen Digitizer which essentially turned on 100% of all time. -> Have a look on ebay, there are tons of LG G2 with bad digitizer or partly functional digitizer which you have to replace the whole screen because the digitizer is fused with the display itself.

        2. Knock on is the best, and LG’s implementation of knock code is almost genius! When using knock code it takes you straight to your home screen and bypasses the lock screen. Every phone should do this. Saves time too!

      2. Listing Sony doesn’t help your argument they have notoriously huge bezels.

        1. That was actually my point, which I obviously didn’t make clear. Sony has huge bezels, yet they still (presumably) couldn’t fit capacitative buttons there, and had to sacrifice screen space for software buttons. Sony users would rejoice if they got it down to how little bezel the Note 3 has. Yet, the Note goes one step further and actually makes use of the little bezel by sticking the buttons there too, thereby releasing the screen to be 100% free screen space! The bottom line is, I really don’t understand why you would want to waste screen space if you had the option of sticking the buttons where the bezels are. The bezel size isn’t going to go down just cos you don’t put the buttons there – look at Sony.

  14. What about the size of the battery? Seems odd to leave that out.

    16gb is a waste of time.

  15. Samsung is leaking this themselves their trying to stop people from jumping back on the Apple wagon

  16. My G3 feels insignificant :(

    1. It’s not. The Note needs all that to power touchwiz :)

      1. TouchWiz isn’t that bloated. When you go into developer options and lower the transition frame rates, the S3 (only dual core version) still flies! Throw in the best OEM camera in the business, the best sharing options out there, and the customization level they offer, and it’s worth everything you might imagine losing.

        1. You shouldn’t need to start messing with developer options to get decent performance. The average user shouldn’t touch those options at all (hence the reason they’re hidden).

          1. I disagree. The average user doesn’t consider the phone slow, and they like the “eye-candy” of all the animations and transitions. Tech geeks like you and I are in the minority, where we demand more performance and less of the stylized nonsense. However, we also happen to be in a class that finds going into developer options a fairly painless endeavor. Anyone outside those two groups are in a percentile you can count on one hand.

    2. The LG G3 looked really good, and I wanted it for a while. The only thing that really made me not to happy with it was the fact that it didn’t have the 805 chip in it, and I knew that all phones after the G3 would. Trust me, you still have an awesome phone that will work amazingly. For me, as a Note II owner, I couldn’t help but wait for the Note IV before I made any choices.

      1. I had a Note II also, but I couldn’t wait for the note IV. My beard hairs kept getting caught in the broken screen. I also wanted to try a phone without a physical home button on it.

    3. G3 is a lagfest.

    4. Your G3 is a beast, stop crying

    5. I’ll gladly give a home to your G3.

  17. Can’t wait to upgrade from my Note 2!

  18. Better have a huge battery to support that screen.

    1. That has been said since screen went from 480p to 1080p

    2. All Notes have huge batteries. The screen is basically the same size and resolution of the LG G3, and the battery will likely be quite a bit bigger.

  19. I’ve often wondered if there is any form of repercussion when 3rd party companies slip up like this.

  20. love the specs but too big to fit in pocket. Looking forward to these specs on a smaller screen especially 4k video.

    1. It’s a shame having access to devices that are similar in size and capabilities that are too large to practically fit in regular pants pockets.

      1. Depends on the person. I have a Z Ultra and it fits no problem.

    2. It’s definitely not. My Z2 fits in all my pockets in all kinds of pants. That’s 5.2 inches. .5 inches larger will still be fine.

  21. Sounds great to me, I just hope that it comes close to this. And Maybe More?

  22. Can’t wait to give my Note 3 back to TMobile and get this little beast!!!

  23. What the front camera is looking like, I hoped it’s gonna have a nice 4 to 5 mp

  24. 16GB! We should have an international ban on mobile devices with less than 32GB of storage….

    1. 16 is plenty for some people. Why force them to pay more for storage they won’t use? No one’s forcing you to buy the 16GB version.

      1. Flash storage is cheap, going from 16GB to 32GB would have little impact on cost, the price hike from manufactures for more storage is artificial and the fact you even made that comment means they have you fooled.

  25. My M8 is still a speed demon… No interest into getting an N4

    1. In my mind, n4 is still the nexus 4 :o
      It’s probably a bad sign that it took me a sec to figure out what you meant.

  26. This phone is going to be so expensive… :/

  27. Hello Sammy, here’s $700.

  28. As long as T-Mobile USA carries the 64gb version and the battery life is great

  29. Sooooo trading in my Note 3 at T-Mobile next month for this!

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