Aug 14th, 2014 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:11 pm


ASUS was listed as one of the first Android Wear manufacturers back when Google revealed the new wearables / smart watch platform, but we’ve only heard of offerings from LG, Samsung and Motorola thus far. New rumors suggest they could be ready to reveal the goods, though.

The Taiwanese company is said to be making the trip to Berlin for IFA this year, and they may have their very own Android Wear smart watch in tow. We haven’t a clue what to expect from them in this arena, though their product was good enough to impress the execs at Google. ASUS has made a great name for themselves in the Android space thanks to their history of powerful, feature-filled tablets (including the couple they’ve made for Google’s own Nexus line).

For pricing, ASUS has made a reputation to be cost effective wherever and whenever they can, so we can at least expect them to match the $200-220 range, if not undercut them by a significant amount. Truth be told, though, we’re probably getting a bit ahead of ourselves — we’re just ready to see the thing in living color. September 5th is the day IFA officially kicks off so we’ll see if they have anything of noteworthy mention to show once that date arrives.

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