Aug 13th, 2014

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As one of the few carriers in the US to offer an unlimited data plan, T-Mobile is often a refuge for data hungry wireless subscribers looking to free themselves from the shackles of data caps and throttling. While some customers they can use this data however you like (streaming YouTube videos, Netflix, music, or downloading large files), there is one method for download data T-Mobile is definitely not okay with: peer-to-peer file sharing.

Although clearly forbidden in T-Mobile’s terms and conditions, a leaked internal memo mentions T-Mobile is now ready to finally start cracking down on heavy data users abusing their T&Cs which include everything from P2P file sharing apps, to continuous web camera broadcasts. Starting August 17th, customers found to be misusing T-Mobile’s network can expect some throttling. Here’s an excerpt of the memo:

“T-Mobile has identified customers who are heavy data users and are engaged in peer-to-peer file sharing, and tethering outside of T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions (T&C). This results in a negative data network experience for T-Mobile customers. Beginning August 17, T-Mobile will begin to address customers who are conducting activities outside of T-Mobile’s T&Cs.”

To be clear, anyone violating T-Mobile’s T&Cs wont simply find themselves throttled out of the blue. T-Mobile has put together a dedicated team who will begin notifying offending customers of their misuse, with further action requiring the inevitable throttle.


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