KitKat hits more than 20% of Android devices in latest platform distribution numbers


android platform distribution

Time for the periodical breakdown of Android version numbers by platform. This morning we see KitKat taking 1/5th of the pie for the first time, with the latest version of Android (and all its minor revisions) accounting for more than 20% of the share at 20.9%. That number will only keep rising from here on out, but the day that it catches up to Jelly Bean can’t some soon enough for many of you still on Android 4.2 and 4.3.

Speaking of which, Jelly Bean combined for an overall share of 54.2%, an absolutely dominating lead. A vast majority of that pie belongs to Android 4.1 and 4.2, but 4.3 is commanding a respectable 7.9% on its own. That deserves a quick golf clap, don’t ya think? And if we’re counting devices still on Ice Cream Sandwich (10.6%) as modern, then a total of 85.7% of folks are using Android at its best. Unfortunately that still lives a pretty visible share for legacy versions like Gingerbread (13.6%) and Froyo (0.7%), though those numbers continue to decline every day.

We’re not sure if we’ll ever see the day that more than half of Android’s userbase is running the absolute latest version of Android, but with Google taking steps to best fragmentation right in the mouth with each and every passing update we’re sure it won’t be much of an issue going forward. Let’s see how far KitKat can go before we reach the eventual launch of Android L. Full breakdown of stats can be found right here.

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  1. Technically Gingerbread ISN’T declining everyday if the numbers went UP for this month. :(

  2. New android adoption is like snail move. It is not like Apple IOS where
    updates come fast on your iphone and not at the mercy of your android phone manufacturer. In android world, phone manufacturers don’t care to update because they want to put effort/money on selling new phones than spending to upgrade to recent android updates even last year’s phones.

    My LG Optimus G e970 AT&T is one good example where LG haven’t even upgrade to Kitkat after over a year of release and may never happen. It is pathetic to wait for software update like this. On top, android L is on it’s way. Screw the android and android phones.

    1. I have the Sprint variant as my business phone. KitKat has been out for the international variant for some time now. I blame the carriers mostly but LG as well. If the carriers wanted it they could put some pressure on LG. I would have already bought the LG watch if it was at least on 4.3. I wont be buying another LG phone.

    2. KitKat hasn’t been out for over a year.

  3. These are terrible numbers considering that Android L is about to be released. That means hundreds of millions of Android phones will be at least 2 years behind on updates.

    1. I always said that when a phone manufacturer no longer supports their phone, they should send an OTA with stock android version. That way, HTC does not have to work so hard to include Sense in a phone, simply just update to the next version of Android. Same for Samsung and TW…
      If your not going to support, at least allow the user to get their moneys worth. KitKat and Android L are said to be able to run on even low end phones, so why not just make all the older phones, stock…and if they want revenue, simply have the proprietary apps available on Google Play Store…

    2. Terrible numbers? KitKat is already at 20%, I don’t recall any past versions getting to 20% this fast. And 85% are on 4.0 or later now. It was only a few months ago that Gingerbread still had 35%.

      Furthermore, the specific version of Android you have means less and less now, because more and more of the built-in apps are getting updates through the Play Store. You don’t need ‘L’ to get the new Material design, for example, as the Gapps (and many 3rd party apps) are getting updated with the new design through the Play Store. Also more and more of the built-in APIs are moving into the Google Play Services, which also gets updated through the Play Store, so you don’t need the latest Android version to have the latest APIs.

  4. If Google did not discontinue the support for “older” devices like Galaxy Nexus, the percentage of KitKat would be even bigger. Somehow, Google policy is responsible for these numbers.

    1. While as a former GNex owner, I agree that it should have gotten KitKat, old Nexus devices make up a small % of devices out there. Cheapy low-end devices and people who keep their old phone for several years have way more to do with old versions hanging around.

  5. Nexus 6 Specs allegedly leaked!!!!

    1. Isn’t BGR one of the more ridiculed tech newsletters/blogs out there?

      1. Yep… it’s click-bait city.

  6. Unless Google have same control over android phone manufacturers like Apple has over it’s hardware/software; it will be pipe dream of getting android updates regularly. And we all know this unlikely will happen. So, unless you get cheap android phone, why bother to buy android phone(Nexus 6 ?).. Just go with iphone and never have to worry about timely updates. I agree, Android users have XDA custom ROM avenue to update their phone with the latest android version but custom ROMs are rarely as stable as stock ROMs and one could brick the phone if not careful.

    1. And with Android L coming soon. The fragmentation will never end according to this chart.

      1. Horrific profile pic.

      2. The “fragmentation” situation has vastly improved, but the Apple shills still come out to point it out.

  7. finally made the jump from 4.0 to 4.4 about a month ago

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