Aug 12th, 2014

google plus chromecast update

A sweet new update is headed to Google+ today that will allow you to cast your feed of photos, video and more from the folks in your circles right to your Chromecast-equipped TV. It works quite as simple as you’d imagine — the app can automatically cycle through the popular content in your stream with it obviously emphasizing image and video in full-screen glory. You’ll still see any text content that comes along with the post, but the main idea is to highlight that rich multimedia goodness.

Of course, you won’t have to leave it up to the app to decide what to show. You can cycle through the content at your own pace if you want. We’re not sure how many people were jittery for this functionality, but it’s there if you’ve been wanting it all this time.

The upgraded app should be heading out through Google Play now, though we hear the new casting functionality is a server side switch so it may not show up for everyone just yet. Grab the app from Google Play and let us know how you’re liking the new feature if you’re one of the lucky few to be able to use it right now.

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