Watch this guy tricking people into thinking Android-powered iPhone 6 knockoff is the real deal [VIDEO]


iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6

Say what you will about Apple fans, one thing I think we can all agree on is that they’re very loyal to their brand. Case in point, the folks on the streets of Hollywood, California who somehow got duped by Jonathan Morrison of Techfast Lunch & Dinner into thinking a cheap iPhone 6 knock off — running a heavily skinned version of Android — was the real deal.

Despite the phone carrying the hardware specs of a household potato, the outside body actually looks pretty damn good. Especially considering it’s just a Chinese clone. Some would make the argument that this is exactly where the real appeal of Apple products lay, as people on the street turned a blind eye to the performance of the phone which was so obviously lacking. Adding to the laughs, the host mentions the iPhone 6 knockoff carries a 26-core processor, 8K display, and other outlandish specs to which passerby’s believe it all — hook, line, and sinker.

On a more serious note, it’s interesting to see just how little “normals” actually know/care about mobile hardware, despite our current mobile landscape where manufacturers are always attempting to one up the competition with more cores, RAM, or absurdly higher MP cameras. Check out the video below to see the Android-powered iPhone 6 in action and take part in the hilarity.

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  1. LMAO…the parts of the video I liked the best are when he said the screen was 8k and the 7000 mAh battery…lol.

    1. I died when he said it had a 26 core processor.

  2. More proof of the decaying of the American society. God please help us if this is our future. This is actually sad. I don’t know how many people in that video actually has more than a High School education. I actually don’t find it funny. This is sad :(

    1. Their educational background isn’t at issue here. Their blissful ignorance towards many things and their tendency not to question many things is at issue, however.

  3. The little boy was the smartest person there. He seemed to be the only one that knew that a 7000 mAh battery couldn’t fit in that piece of junk.

    1. Well, if Apple did put a lot of money (and it has a lot of money) into battery improvements, maybe it could reach it for this size of a phone.
      There is already a phone called “Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro”, which is 7.7 mm thin, has 6 inch display and its battery capacity is 4000 mAh .
      There are already some experimental technologies of batteries (like Graphene, for example) . I really hope one company will take the chance and invest a lot on one of them, to bring it to the masses. I don’t even care if it’s Apple.

  4. This just proves iPhones users are real sheeps.

    1. I’m also an iPhone user (as well as Android user) and I can tell you that I’m definitely not a sheep.

      1. I never knew sheep could type!

      2. I should have said “most iphone users”, but if you feel that bad, you must be definitely a sheep.

        1. How does he feel bad? He said he isn’t a sheep. I’ve noticed him commenting here often – do you think a sheep would comment on an Android news site? Please.

          1. If he was a troll and an iSheep I could see it happening.

          2. I don’t get why you think he is a sheep… He simply defended himself, saying not all iPhone users are sheep. To me, it seems like you are an Android sheep…

          3. I’m not saying he is a sheep. I’m saying it’s conceivably possible for him or anyone in his position to be an iSheep (and a troll) even though he says that he isn’t one and comments on an Android newsletter.

    2. WOW! I didn’t know there was still an Iphone vs. Android beef. I thought everyone was now fighting in the PS4 vs XBO war.

      1. Screw consoles.

        1. @durin 123 good one pc gamer. haha

          1. This is what I think of hashtags outside of Twitter. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2I-nudEqz7o

          2. wow good one. i didn’t use a hashtag. your a little baby also. it was a joke. grow up g

    3. most Android users are sheep too, so that’s not really saying much

  5. 26 Core? Out my face with that. LoL!! And no he didn’t say 8K screen. 4K TV’s are just now coming out.

    I know he had fun picking on those people. =.P

  6. Pffft. Normals…

  7. Videos like this just show how gullible people are, and it’s no surprise when people fall for it. But what would really surprise me is if people fall for that clothing subscription he mentioned toward the end.

  8. This is even better:

    Someone take a $20 Casio watch, puts an apple sticker on it and claims its the new iWatch.


  9. And this is the buying public. If it says Apple it must be great. LOL OMG!!

    1. The huge reaction to anything they screw up on is why people blindly trust Apple. Google could pull features from Maps, make its own GPS tracing app, MyTracks, that can’t export kml/kmz files to its own Earth app, cripple local storage and ad hoc networking support, and screw up with Plus/Photos so much that photo upload can’t be turned off, draining your battery and eating your data allowance, and it would barely make the news.

      1. You know, I see you typing and imagine you thinking it through (slightly) but all I’m reading is rage.

  10. This video reminds me of Android users whenever a leak for the Moto X+1 comes out.

    1. I don’t really understand the hype behind those phones. They’re last year’s (or older) tech with the pricetag of the current Nexus phone or higher. Nothing special about that.

      1. The moto x+1 will have nearly identical specs to the s5 and one m8.

  11. It was kind of sad to see the people bite on the 26 core processor mention.

  12. Did he say anything of note after the 5-4 Club ad at the end?

    1. No it’s a freaking 2 minute ad.

      1. I almost stopped watching just before he even started on the ad stuff. The content had seemingly already ended. I guess all his ads are that way. I won’t check ;-)

  13. I failed to see the comedy in this. I just felt myself dumbing down while watching it.

    We have to recall that not everyone is a techie. Also Apple loads up their devices with a bunch of crap but advertises it like the holy grail, so you can’t blame the people.

    1. Just curious here. So you mean apps like Safari or what do you mean they load the phones with?

      1. They exaggerate everything they release. Be it notifications, battery life, to screen tech, etc. It’s always second rate features to something that was released previously on Android hardware.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. They may be fast, easy to use and “cool” (because marketing) but I’d go utterly mad using an iPhone after getting used to all the customisation and phone choices Android has.

  14. Ha, he cuts off the part of the video where one guy asks if it’s Jimmy Kimmel

  15. This is simply retarded. It’s a bunch of people being too polite to refute his absurd claims, not a bunch of people believing his crap.

  16. 26 cores, 8K resolution LOL!!

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