Moto X+1 benchmarks shows it coming equipped with a Snapdragon 801 processor


Moto X Touchless Control DSC00742

The tech community is on high alert, digging up any any information on Motorola’s soon-to-be-released Motorola X+1, the company’s upcoming 2014 flagship. We’re certainly excited about it. Last year’s model was seen by some as carrying sub-par hardware (at least by 2013 flagship standards). But if recent leaks and rumors hold true, this year’s model could finally offer something to rival current flagships.

A new Geekbench benchmark was uncovered, uploaded back on August 6th showing a device listed as “Motorola XT1097.” While the benchmark doesn’t reveal much, it does show a Qualcomm 8974 processor clocked at 2.45GHz. Now, it doesn’t specifically list a “Snapdragon 801” processor, but because the regular Snapdragon 800 caps out at 2.36GHz (typically 2.26GHz), it suggests the Moto X+1’s MSM8974 is, in fact, the 801. This is the same processor found in current flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and LG G3.

One of the must-have features in last year’s Motorola Moto X was its always-listening Google Search functionality. Motorola had to put precious R&D into developing their own custom X8 chip with a low-power always listening core. With the Snapdragon 801, Motorola has a little less work to do. This functionality is already built in.


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  1. Take my money!

    1. Developers Edition (on VZW) and take MY money too.

  2. In before the complainers star talking about his the 801 SoC is last year’s tech and that Motorola should have used the unreleased 810 SoC.

    I think this phone may have made my sort list for my next main phone.

    1. Why is it on your shortlist? loyalty?

      I don’t see anything particularly attractive about the Moto X-1 yet.

      1. 1. Always listening voice actions.
        2. Fastest OS updates, bar Nexus.
        801 processor rather than the 800 previously rumoured makes it even easier for me to justify upgrading to this.

        1. So what has been so awesome 4.4.3 and 4.4.4? Or do these updates just make you feel secure? I am curious.

          Always listening voice actions don’t matter to me because I do not speak to my phone very often or my G-Watch for that matter, but obviously I could use the watch more now.

          1. What’s awesome is that I had KitKat on my N5 since last November, instead of waiting for *insert OEM here* to release it, months later. The same will go for Android L. Having run the dev preview for a while, I can safely say that I’m looking forward to it.
            The always listening is something I’ve been jealous of for a while because I often talk to my phone, and not having to wake it up first will be a bonus. It’s clearly the future.

          2. Do you know how often I hear or see people using voice commands in a situation where they are not driving? Never. :)

          3. Well I’m not gonna sell it to you. You aren’t interested in the functionality and I am, that’s why I want it. Let’s just leave it there.

          4. I use voice controls quite a bit, especially since installing Commander, but that is just me. If you don’t use it, then the always listening feature of new Motorola phones will not interest you.

        2. Using 4.4.2, 4.4.3 or 4.4.4, it really doesn’t matter, if you think it does then that’s your issue.

          Voice commands are not something I ever use so can’t comment much, but always active voice commands are not new, Samsung have offered that since they introduced S-Voice and now Google offer if with Google Now.

          Hardly any difference between Snapdragon 800 and 801, barely worth mentioning.

          1. You’re missing the point about updates. With the N5 I had 4.4 ages before other handsets such as Samsung, HTC, etc. So what if the point updates aren’t much to write home about, when Android L is pushed to Nexus (and shortly after to Moto handsets) then that will be a massive leap forward. I’d rather have a phone that gets in early than one that doesn’t.
            Samsung’s S Voice ‘Hi Galaxy’ was an abomination when I used it, Moto/Google’s implementation is not. And my current phone doesn’t offer always listening.
            Snapdragon 801 vs 800 is a minor upgrade, but it’s an upgrade nonetheless, and if I’m going to change from my N5 then I’d prefer any small processor upgrade over none at all.

          2. Yes, I’ve tried the Android L preview and ran into a lot of compatibility issues with apps and I doubt all of these will be solved before it goes live, you will get a better experience being a version behind as developers have ironed out most of the bugs by then.

            Like I said I don’t use voice control myself so don’t really care if your right or not here but from my limited testing I didn’t see much from Google Now that wasn’t already in S Voice and beyond certain situations where your hands are not free I don’t see any use for either.

            Well I wouldn’t consider Snapdragon 801 an upgrade from Snapdragon 800 because the user will never notice the difference.

          3. That’s fine, you don’t want the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out, but lots of people do. That’s the great thing about Android – choice. We can both have what we want, and it doesn’t have to be exactly the same. If you aren’t interested in the X+1 then I don’t see why you’re bothering to comment. Just move on to a thread about a handset that you are interested in, instead of dissing this one.

          4. Latest and greatest *software* (in case it’s not abundantly clear what I’m referring to)

          5. I have as much right to post about this phone as you do, fyi there are no handsets I’m currently interested in.

            Well maybe the OnePlus One but I can’t buy it anywhere .. lol

      2. For me I’d say it’s more trust than loyalty. Compare the performance of the Moto X and it’s Droid branded siblings to phones launched at a similar time and you will see that they perform similarly well. Then considered that they used lower level processors. So I trust that Motorola has done their homework to make similar optimizations and use a near stock version of Android that’s very “light” resulting in an above average experience and performance that exceeds phones with similar hardware.

      3. Not at all, I’m actually an LG fan, but I like the cool features on the Moto X, so if the X+1 is the X with better specs, it will be considered.

    2. Mine as well if it releases after the z3 unlocked I might just get it over it depending on cash I have on hand

  3. Chris, I’ve been looking forward to this phone. I want the X+1, but I just won an invite and bought the 1+1, but I own a Nexus 5! What should I do?! I feel like Rachel McAdams in the notebook! http://i.imgur.com/fYYanMF.gif

    1. Wait for the Nexus 6 of course

      1. This is my backup plan, should the X+1 turn out to have a fatal flaw, although I hope the rumours of a 5.9″ screen are incorrect because that’s just too big for me.

        1. They wouldn’t do that… they couldn’t.

    2. Lol. We’re in the same boat. I also just took a dive for the Oneplus One, I couldn’t wait for the Moto X+1 anymore, also coming from a N5. I’m giving the N5 to my dad and not looking back. Chris is getting a second 1+1, so it must be good.

      I’m going to see how the size affects me, I’ve read that size should be okay in the hand. If Motorola makes some breakthrough feature I’ll probably sell the 1+1 and get the X+1 with the 360. I’m getting the 360 regardless of what phone I keep.

      1. I was going to do something similar. Sell my nexus 5, keep the 1+1, and depending in if I like the size or not (never owned a phablet) I’ll sell my 1+1 for the moto x+1. That’s the game plan so far. I’m indifferent about the 360. I’d like to have it because it looks awesome, but it’s not a priority at this time.

        I’m so happy I’m not alone! :’)

    3. That’s a tough question. The X+1 and 1+1 have very different form factors. This is why I ended up returning the 1+1 (despite loving just about everything about it. It was too damn big.

      The X+1 should be like a slightly improved Nexus 5 (which, to me, was the perfect size) only with Motorola’s awesome apps. I’m still wary on the camera given how disgusting the Moto X one was.

      There’s no easy answer, man. Factor in pricing (you simply can’t beat the OnePlus One for the price) and it’s even more difficult. #androidproblems

  4. Imagine if they just made a few incremental but still important improvements, like better battery life, higher performance, and a better screen, but in essentially the same form factor. None of the improvements would have to be a huge leap better and that would all add up to an awesome smartphone.

    1. And better camera!

      1. Yeah I almost added that to my list, but considering how “good enough” smart phone cameras have been for my uses for a while, a better camera wouldn’t make as much of a difference for me.

        And we all know how these things go, the manufacturers never seem to fix all the weaknesses between generations.

  5. Too bad I bought the S5 on T-Mobile in July. My remorse period is over, but this would’ve been a great phone to get if it was out.

    1. Be happy, you’ve got a much better phone, in every single category, it crushes any moto x phone.

    2. I wouldn’t get the GS5 over the Nexus 5 or Moto X let alone X+1.

      1. The S5 is light years past the Nexus 5. Especially the camera, but also screen accuracy, charge times (with the USB 3 charger), storage solutions, removable battery, water resistance, connectivity options…Some people claim speed, but actual responsiveness (once you lower the transition frame rates) is on par.

        I’ll give you that the Moto X has a completely different draw. It’s not about the camera or the performance, it’s about the hands-free capabilities. But everywhere the X tries to compete with the S5’s strengths, it, too, fails.

        1. Light years past? Please it’s a 6 month newer phone big deal. Yea it’s a little faster and better camera, but I would gladly give that up for stock/rooted Android with Google’s update structure. I would never be caught using TouchWiz.

          1. Once again, that’s YOUR problem.

        2. Its not just the hands-free, which I didn’t use at all on the MotoX. Do we need to bring up TouchWhiz again here?

          1. Why so much hate for TW? Cast aside the launcher (which you’re totally free to do, I went with Apex) and you have a customer skin that includes one of the best cameras out there, better sharing features than can be found in…anywhere, better notification widgets…

          2. Cast aside the launcher? While yes, Android is open, blah blah, 3rd party stuff, blah blah. Its totally deplorable that you have to do that in the first place. “I got a really hot girl, but I have to put a bag over her head…”, makes it a not hot girlfriend.

            So sure, I’ll buy your hardware argument and buy a S5 GPE…not.

            If Samsung can’t get THE screen you look at when youyou fire up your phone for the first time, to me, that equals fail. Can’t support Samsung when they have little to no ability to listen to their customer base and make the UX better. Kudos to their marketing team.

          3. And I can’t see ignoring the best aggregate hardware for the last 3 years running over a launcher. That sounds like cutting off your nose to spite your face to me.

          4. launchers tend to not change the menus though.

      2. Well, then that’s your problem.

  6. Another mid range phone, poor screen, poor battery, poor camera, under powered, lack of micro sd/removable battery, the most boring and generic design. What’s the point of anyone getting a moto x when you can get a Nexus for less with better everything! This phone doesn’t have a single feature that makes it stand out or that makes me want to sell my S5 -soon to bee Note 4. I actually won a free moto x from work, I wasn’t even interested in making sure it was the correct color and etc, I just turned around and sold it. I rather use my old Galaxy Nexus as a daily driver over the moto x LOL

  7. One of main reasons I liked the Moto X is because they went with a dual core option which in most cases provides the same or better performance but did not throttle as much or as soon as the Snapdragon 600 devices, also the 720p display meant the 3d performance was actually better than most Snapdragon 800 devices.

    Without the above I would have no interest on the Moto X at all, so I’m not sure what to make of the Moto X+1.

  8. Well the phone needed the snapdragon 801.

  9. Snapdragon 801 sounds good so long as it supports low power always listening.That’s an awesome feature on the X. I didn’t know the 801 did that, if that’s the case why don’t all these other phones have it now? Woulda be nice if the 808/810 was around the corner they just waited though.

  10. truly hope they built in their x8 system somehow into the x2(or +1 wtf ever)…thought it was a good design

  11. The hilarious thing so despite being “sub par” every Moto X I have seen out performs HTCs and Galaxy’s of the same period (or slightly later).

    1. In benchmarks and whatnot, sure. But I honestly noticed slower performance in real world usage which is why — despite falling in love with the form factor — I went with the Nexus 5/HTC One M7.

      1. Finally someone gets it…

      2. No my statement is the contrary. I couldn’t care about benchmarks or games. As far as using the launcher, core apps like email and web, and just general day to day usability my friends with the MotoX are happier than friends with Ones and S4s. All of my S4 friends are having lag issues from first use after unlocking and complain of the phone randomly hanging for a second or two just doing simple things like Gmail or SMS.

        Even my N4 is a smoother experience. And I’ve witnessed the issues on their phones first hand.

        1. I dunno, my N4 isnt really all that quick. It’s fine, but its definitely not as fast as an m8, and i think its probably a tad slower if not equal to the m7. I went to a g3 and didnt notice a speed change in the UI. And people say the g3 “lags like crazy”

        2. But Chris didn’t mention anything about Samsung. Why did you bring S4 into the argument? lol
          We all know S4 is infested with Touchwiz lagluster lol

      3. Wait, so I should buy a phone based on real world usability, and not specs or benchmark statistics?

        You’re crazy bro!

    2. And the OnePlus One.

    3. I’d have to agree. I tried most of the phones but despite the Moto X having lower specs it performed just as good if not better than the “superphones” that were out at the time. Maybe not with 3D gaming, but I don’t play that many games on my phone… That’s what a Tablet/Game Console/Computer is for.

    4. I am sure Droid Bionics runs better than a Samsung S2 lol

  12. and still no 1080p, fail.

  13. Droid MAXX is the best phone I have ever owned. Keep doing what you are doing.

    1. i feel the same about my RAZR MAXX HD.

    2. Not sure why my coworker’s Droid Maxx is super laggy and sluggish.

  14. patiently waiting for SHAMU or VIBE Z2.

    1. Vibe Z2? Can u even get any android updates?

  15. Now I know why they moved to the 801 – it’s 100% pin compatible with the S800 while also adding faster eMMC 5.0 capability.

    The S805 would’ve needed a discrete modem and a complete redesign of the PCB, so they probably didn’t think it was feasible. Plus, there’s also the Nexus Shamu with an S805, supposedly.

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