From the Forums: The importance of call quality, Android stalker, and more



Call quality, grammar, stalkers — what do these three things have in common? They all are at the center of discussion this week over at Android Forums. We’re ticking those topics off our list and more in this latest edition of From the Forums. Let’s get this started.

Doesn’t call quality still matter?


This one comes to us by way of the LG G3 forums, asking a question that (somewhat ironically) is all too often missing from the discussion when searching for a new phone: what about the call quality? Yes, smartphones are capable of many things, but they are still phones, after all. While the specific question here concerns the potential inadequacies of the G3’s ability to handle voice calls, a phone that without doubt excels in almost any other area of comparison, it raises the bigger question. So, does call quality still matter?

Grammar versus the convenience of autocorrect


We’ve all yucked it up over autocorrect fails in the past. These innocent mistakes are an embarrassment if they happen to you but fodder for laughs when they come at the expense of others. But what about those times when autocorrect doesn’t fail so much as it falls short when dealing with the complications of English grammar? That’s the question hiredgun ponders as he asks if others are equally as irritated by his software keyboard’s insistence on inserting “to” when he really wants to say “too,” a jumping off point for a deeper discussion involving the downfall of proper grammar and spelling in the age of the text message.

How to deal with an Android stalker


Google Now is one of the coolest and most useful features to be introduced to the Android ecosystem, but it often rides a fine line between helpful and flat-out creepy. One concerned husband recently discovered his wife’s smartphone was tracking his every move, leaving him feeling like the victim of an automated Android stalker. While we won’t be taking any guesses as to why he would rather not reveal his location to his wife (his explanation seems innocent enough, and, to be fair, Google Now began tracking him unbeknownst to his partner), that doesn’t mean we can’t offer up a bit of education on how Google Now works and the simple steps it takes to insure anonymity in his movements.

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet takes a licking, keeps on ticking

nvidia shield tablet guts

Usually stories like these end with a cracked screen and a fuming owner, but such was not the case when xxteargodxx awoke to find his new NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet had tumbled from its bedside holder and landed face-down on the floor. The tablet that has received high marks for deftly combining a solid all-around Android device with a hardcore gaming portable racks up some more praise for its durability, coming away from the accident with nary a scratch. Speaking of the SHIELD, you might check out our new forum dedicated to the tablet and add your own thoughts and experiences to the discussion.

And more…

And thus brings another edition of From the Forums to a close. Don’t forget to sign up for an account over at Android Forums if you haven’t done so already. Then get to posting. Perhaps we’ll see you here in print next week.

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