Aug 7th, 2014

Google Play Music de-auth limit reinstated

In a move that will leave some of you cursing the heavens above and others not giving 2 flying effs about, Google has quietly reinstated their previous de-auth limit on Google Play Music. As found in both their support page — and in the Google Play Music settings (web) — users can once again only de-authorize 4 devices from their account per year. This could prove particularly troublesome for those of you who are constantly buying the next best thing, or found yourself with excessive hardware returns. For everyone else, it’s business as usual.

Remember, only 10 devices can be authorized at a time, so before you know it, you may find your Google Play Music backed up with no way to authorize new devices. It’s annoying and we’re sure it has more to the deals Google struck with record companies. No matter what the case — we don’t like it. If you’d like to manage your authorized devices, you can do so in your browser by visiting Google Play Music’s settings page here. Unfortunately, it looks like because this is retroactive, I’m maxed out for the year. Ugh.

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