Pebble comes in 3 new #FreshHotFly colors for a limited time


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Pebble might not look quite as flashy, sleek, modern or trendy as the latest smart watch options under the Android Wear banner, but style options for those interested in buying one are about to get even more wide starting today. Pebble has revealed their new #FreshHotFly line of smart watches.

It’s the same plastic Pebble you’ve come to know and love, except now you can get it in Fly Blue, Hot Pink or Fresh Green candy-like coating. The new options go for the same $150 as the standard set so you aren’t paying extra for a new look. Might as well dive in for one if none of the other colors quite fit your style.

These colors are going for a limited time only so you’ll want to get one before it’s too late. Otherwise, we’re sure one of the options from their standard set  (Jet Black, Grey, Arctic White, Orange and Cherry Red) should suit you well enough. Head to the link ahead if you’re interested in buying one.


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