Aug 4th, 2014

lg g watch pins

Many folks were disappointed to find that their brand new LG G Watch was suffering a discomforting defect after just a couple of short weeks. The charging pins on the rear of the watch began corroding for lots of folks. While the corrosion didn’t seem to be bad enough to affect the device’s ability to charge, it could become a pretty irritating problem down the line.

Oddly enough LG and Google have come together to fix this problem with a software fix. How, you ask? A small current that runs throughout the contact pins is what causes the pins to corrode after a short amount of time. The software upgrade disables that current so any unaffected smart watches should be safe from here on out.

Should yours already be corroded to the point that it no longer charges, LG urges you to give them a ring and get started on the RMA process. For everyone else, a little water and baking soda should do the trick. Let us know if your device has experience these issues in the comments below.

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