Aug 4th, 2014

Leak anonymous email

Because anonymity is the most enticing new resource the internet now has to offer, yet another service is popping up promising to keep your identity a secret while messaging others. It’s called Leak and the service (which was coded in a weekend) allows users to send completely anonymously send emails to anyone from their site, all without the receiver having the slightest inkling of who they are.

Okay, there’s a way to tag your relationship to the recipient, but only if you so choose. Other than that, you can send something as mean spirited or honest (seriously, go with honest) and dish on whatever you like — all without fear of judgement or consequence. It’s actually a pretty neat idea, one that “fixes” some of the shortcomings when using new social networks like Secret or Yak. With Leak, you’re not simply broadcasting a confession to an empty room. You bring the secret to others. No friends necessary.

Leak anonymous email screenshots

Emails received cannot be replied to, leaving that person to stew in whatever revelation you have bestowed upon them, until the end of time. While this sounds like an easy way for people to talk sh*t or prank someone by sending a quick threat, Leak does have a terms of service (one that can involve local authorities) although they, for the most part, encourage users to keep things light and fun. So tell the office you forgot your underwear today, or that you had sex with 5 dudes last night — it’s all good.

We reached out to Leak to see if there’s any plans on a mobile app (it’d be much easier to email friends/family/coworkers with autocomplete for our contacts). Hit up the link below to start leaking right now from your Android web browser.


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