HP and Michael Bastion team up to introduce a smart watch


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Another new smart watch option is headed your way. HP decided to throw their hat into the arena by teaming up with Michael Bastion, a renowned fashion designer who has held many authoritative positions throughout the industry. The two are introducing a circular smart watch that’ll give you a wrist-bound display for incoming texts, calls, email and other notifications that might be pertinent to a smartphone user. You’ll also be able to check weather, sports, control music playback and more.

We’re not sure which platform the watch is running, but early hints reveal that it certainly won’t be Android Wear. It could still be based on Android, but with no details about its software it’s tough to say what’s being employed here. The smart watch will sync up with both Android and iOS through HP’s own solution, though, so there’s that.


The watch’s design, which will feature three stylish interchangeable bands (a rubbery black, a leathery brown and a nylon olive green), was said to be inspired by industrial automotive design. We honestly don’t care what inspired them — they look good, they look interesting, and if the platform proves to be flexible enough for simple users and tech nuts alike, we’re sure it’ll catch an eye or two at retail. No word on when, exactly, they’ll go on sale just yet or how much it’ll cost, but Gilt will have the goods once it finally becomes available this fall. You can sign up to be notified of its arrival at their site if you’re interested.

[via Fashionista]

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  1. That “leathery brown” strap looks like it takes its Band-aid design cues from the gold GS5.

    1. Band-aid, that is exactly what I thought.

  2. Looks like they’re trying pretty hard to hide their horizontal black bar ruining another ’round’ display in these pics.

  3. Android wear or bust

  4. The black band seems to be the better looking, will wait for these watches to be officially revealed, also waiting for HTC to hopefully reveal something and beautiful as the M8 or M7

  5. I just wish they have more functionality, I mean the gear 2 hit all the things in a smartwatch that I wanted but I cant check my damn twitter feed C’MON

  6. yawnn

  7. Straps? Metal or nothing.

    1. I’d love to see you wear a watch with nothing for a strap

      1. A pocketwatch?

        1. A pocket smartwatch… GENIOUS

          A SMARTPHONE!

  8. Breaking from the pact by not using WearOS

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