Link Bubble 1.3.0 update brings Android Wear support, Pro version now 50% off


Link Bubble screenshots

Link Bubble is one of the best apps to happen to Android in a long time and today, a new update is adding some fun new functionality to the app. Android Wear users (or future ones) will be happy to find the popup web browser now supports Android Wear in version 1.3.0 — but not exactly how you’d think.

Link Bubble has no intention of offering a full web browsing experience on wearables. Instead — once it’s been enabled in the app’s settings — Link Bubble will merely skim out the necessary text found in a webpage, displaying it as a handy little card on your smartwatch. It’s much the same way Android Wear handles lengthy emails. Link Bubble Android Wear cards only offer 2 actions with the ability to close the bubble (tab) on your phone, or open it.

Link Bubble Android Wear update

There are other improvements found in the update as well, items like enhanced notification controls (hide or collapse bubbles), better support for Android L Developer Preview, a weird new animation (we don’t like it), and an improved incognito mode. If this sounds like another great app you’d like to throw on your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, you have yet another reason to buy: Link Bubble Pro is now 50% off for a limited time. Download links provided below.

Link Bubble (Playboard) | Link Bubble (Play Store)


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  1. There’s so much hype around Link Bubble and after purchasing the “pro” version I’m perplexed as to why. I didn’t find any benefit in using it whatsoever. In fact, it seemed to load windows slower than Chrome or via redirects. Plus, the whole “bubble” interface is extremely irritating, either in this app or the other applications with which I’ve experienced it. So, even at half price, I would tell people to skip Link Bubble.

    1. I felt exactly the same. I’m never in that big a rush to save the few seconds that link bubble is apparently saving me and redirect removal doesn’t really put me up nor down either.

      I wouldn’t tell people to skip it as I imagine some would find it handy, it’s just not for me.

      TBH, there are a tonne of supposed “must have” apps that I don’t really see the point of.

  2. Thanks Chris for the news. Bought 2 licenses. Discovered Link Bubble yesterday and I like it a lot. May be I should learn how to better use other browser. But I find LB link history management is better. Revisit links and the quick mobile reader layout are practical features. For me at least, LB made page browsing more practical. Surprisingly enough, LB seems to have its own browser which is fast. I have uninstalled all the browsers, including the built-in system browser and still be able to view web pages.

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